Day 235 – Surprise Analogue

I was in a local supermarket this morning, carefully picking my way between the cold meat section, the bread roll table and the coughing shoppers (wait, what?), when I heard a familiar voice over the shop’s rather tinny music system.

Why yes, it was Morten Harket.

And he’d brought along his two friends as well.

But while you might imagine that a South African supermarket playing a-ha would obviously opt for one of the Big Two (Take On Me or The Sun Always Shines On TV), this particular establishment went for the somewhat lesser-known Analogue (All I Want).

I’m sorry, you don’t recall that song from the Norwegians’ back catalogue?
But how, given that I shared it on this very blog back in August 2012?
Have you not been reading carefully?

Actually, I’m surprised that you don’t remember it from its original release back in 2006. After all, it reached the heady heights of Number 10 in the UK Hit Parade, Number 33 in Germany and a superb Number 91 in Romania.

I wonder how many records you have to sell to get to Number 91 in Romania?
A hundred?

I was never actually a huge fan of the Analogue album, if I’m honest. But hearing the title track faintly in the background while paying for my groceries did brighten my Monday morning up just a little bit.

Just how hot is it?

It’s warm, certainly. A quick peek at the mercury digital thermometer on my return from the local Pick and Pay suggested somewhere around 27ºC in the shade. There’s a slight breeze though, and that certainly makes it bearable – even rather pleasant, in fact. Or so I thought.

There was a larger, middle-aged lady in the supermarket just now who was clearly feeling the heat a little more than I was though. But still, is it really hot enough that you take a large chunk of (yes, thankfully wrapped, but still…) cheese out of the refrigerator unit, place it against your glowing forehead, rub it down the sides of your neck, then move it slowly across the top of your sweaty breasts inside your blouse…


I very nearly blew chow.

Absolutely shameless. And absolutely disgusting. I passed comment and she just shrugged. And then, as I was leaving, I told the manager what I had just witnessed and left him to deal with it.

Pam Golding on Main opens today

It’s all rather exciting. From small beginnings (a near derelict building with a disused art gallery inside), via demolition (during which they found this) and several months of construction has risen this:


PGOM already houses a PicknPay Local (Mon-Sat 7-9, Sun 8-8 according to the leaflet that dropped through our door), a Knead, a Sorbet (nails dun rite) and a Bootleggers Coffee store. The three floors of office space are nearly ready for occupation and I’m reliably informed that the views are to die for.

This is just down the road from us and I’m looking forward to spending some weekend mornings with the kids, the newspaper (not really) and some coffee. The only thing that is missing is a bottle store, but hopefully that – and more – will come as this new building helps to regenerate this bit of Main Road.

Sloppy lolly recipe

I clicked through on this because it sounded like a good idea for summer for the kids. It’s a healthy summer lolly recipe from local supermarket Pick n Pay. But it’s left my OCD senses tingling.



Where to begin? Well:
  1. The picture: Read the recipe. They’re not going to look anything like that, are they? They’re going to be yoghurt pot shaped, aren’t they?
  2. Prep time “Less [sic] than 30 minutes”. Really? Sure, it’s going to take 20 seconds to peel the lids off and stick a spoon in them. But then it’s going to be a few hours before they’ve frozen. Unless you have some liquid nitrogen to hand. Do you?
  3. Serves 4? But there are six. Dividing two of them up is going to be difficult and messy and will probably add significantly to the already incorrect prep time.
  4. Is it ‘yoghurt’ or ‘yogurt’? Actually, either is acceptable and I don’t really mind, but please just settle on one.
  5. “6 lolly stick”? Plurals, anyone?
  6. “Buy all the products featured in this recipe from our online shop now” – There are only two ingredients: yoghurt (yogurt?) and lolly sticks. And you don’t sell lolly sticks.

No biggies, I know. But this is just sloppy. Much like a yoghurt (yogurt?) after “less [sic] than 30 minutes” in the freezer. It really looks like it was rushed out, and they really could have done a whole lot better because it’s really not that complicated, now is it?

That said, they do sound like a pretty good idea, so I’m definitely going to give them a go over the holidays.

What a find…

I was just wandering around Pick n Pay in the Waterfront this morning, looking for rice snacks for the kids’ lunchboxes as it happens, when suddenly my gaze was caught by a flash of familiar orange.

Yes. Convivial Yorkshire Crisps with a guest appearance by my favourite condiment. There’s even a photo on the back of the tub of that factory next door to the hospital where I was born:

The hospital which has since been demolished. Yes, I know.

And within that beautifully decorated tub? Heaven in fried potato form.

So who am I to ignore the request to be convivial?
I shall eat, drink and be merry. And then I’ll go and buy some more and do it all over again.