NASA Comet Picture Probe Success

Remember when NASA bombed the moon? We all survived and it was a huge anti-climax, but one thing that did come out of it was the infamous high-five fail from LCROSS mission HQ:


Well now their scientists have had more success with the photographing of the Hartley-2 comet after a close encounter… somewhere… out there…

Sadly, it seems that successfully celebrating this amazing achievement is still a little way beyond them:

Shake hands or high-five? Just decide on one and do it.

Come on guys – this isn’t rocket science…

6 thoughts on “NASA Comet Picture Probe Success

  1. T > There should be an SOP for this. I’m sure there is for everything else they do.

    Pamela > No – us biologists are very outgoing. It’s the nerdy maths & physics ones you’re thinking of.

    anib > Good point well made.

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