Day 316 – Things I’m not doing tomorrow

[Update: What happened next? See this post for details.]


Number 1 – Going to this:

Where. To. Begin.

Yes: THE ENGLISH IS TERRIBLE: a split infinitive, a missing hyphen, a couple of AWOL commas and an embarrassing speling eror.

But that’s not the reason that I’m writing this post.
“Dr” Chabad (de Jaeger) de la Fontaine is the reason I’m writing this post.

“Dr” Chabad (de Jaeger) de la Fontaine was the lady who became briefly and locally famous after the Muizenberg beach protests last week. Here she is:

…making claims that she is:

“…a very highly skilled medical doctor, as well as a virologist, immunologist and quantum physicist, working with parasites that they call viruses.”

Look, we’ve all been there, but this is really is no way to publicly describe your colleagues.

Still, it’s an impressive array of qualifications and specialisations, and one that – if you do a bit of background reading on “Dr” Chabad (de Jaeger) de la Fontaine – seems to vary depending on the day of the week and the direction of the breeze.

The flyer above (as you can read) suggests her qualifications and specialties as:

MbCHb, Naturopath, Homeopath, Quantum Physicist, DNA Nutrition, and Permaculture.

Gotta keep that DNA nutrified.

…while LinkedIn says she is a:

Naturopath, Homeopath and Quantum Nano Technology Researcher with “expertise in water, blood, salt, origin of humanity, genetics and DNA”, whose “deep intuition is extra-ordinary.

and she is also the owner of “Aqua Resonance Technology Ltd”, which according to the CIPC, doesn’t exist.

But elsewhere, we learn that she is also “Founding Member (and Human Intelligence Self- Mastery Consultant/Coach/Trainer) @ Changing Lifestyles (Pty) Ltd”, which according to the CIPC, er… also  doesn’t exist.

And she’s also been “Executive Assistant to CEO @ AFRO SYNERGY TOURS (Pty) Ltd”, which according to the CIPC… ag… look, you can probably guess.

Still, maybe it’s a quantum physics thing and these enterprises simply exist in a parallel universe, reality or timeline. Or maybe the CIPC has got it nailed and they don’t exist full stop.

We just don’t know.

What we do know is that (according to “Dr” Chabad (de Jaeger) de la Fontaine), “Dr” Chabad (de Jaeger) de la Fontaine can do


and is a networker in advertising and promotional products:

I mean, I find it a bit strange that after her weirdly capitalised MbCHb, which must have taken an absolute minimum of six years to achieve, she has never chosen to mention it before anywhere that I can find, but I’m sure that’s just an oversight.

In fact, the highest qualification that I can find on any of her myriad profiles suggests that she has a Masters degree, listed thus:

Master’s Degree, Quantum Physics, Haemotology and Nutrition for Blood Types @ Private Tutor From 1980 to 1988

Three of my four PhDs in apparently randomly contrived subjects also came from Private Tutor, so that all seems legit and completely above board.

Elsewhere on that page, she claims to have spent 16 months as a:

Senior Researcher @ Scientific research on water oscillation, frequency and resonance technology

which seems an awful long time to be doing senior research at scientific research on something that doesn’t exist. Especially when you’re a qualified medical doctor.

In fact, that particular profile (written at the end of 2015) doesn’t actually mention that she is a qualified medical doctor at all, but I’m sure that’s just an oversight. It does tell us that she worked to try and get a new modular furniture system business up and running, and has a diploma in Event Management from Damelin College in 1994 though, which pretty much adds up to about the same thing, I guess.

A minor point: The HPCSA doesn’t list her as a medical doctor either. Odd.
But I’m sure that’s just an oversight.

Anyway, tomorrow, as you will see, she’d like us to spend 3½ hours with her beyond the lentil curtain as she demands “TRUTH OVER LIES”, and transparency around the qualifications of those “advising the president of the replublic [sic] of South Africa”.

Yes. I’m all for clarity around the qualifications of these so-called ‘experts’ telling us how we should be living our lives.

Still, I won’t be going.

Day 314 – Lockdown Pi

It’s the closest we’re going to get to Pi during lockdown.

Well, unless we’re still going on Day 3142.
I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations, and that would be the 1st November 2028.

What a ghastly thought. Still – could be worse*:

On a more positive note, I got a lot of jobs done this morning and was actually pleasantly surprised at the happy, smiling faces I encountered everywhere (ok, aside from the scary, shouty old man in PicknPay, but otherwise…).

Given the state of things at the moment (unpretty) and the state of the customer service industries here in SA, it was genuinely weird to have retail staff actively wanting to assist me and doing it in such a friendly manner.

Long may it continue.


* and indeed, it actually is worse because the beagle has got the farts again today 

Day 313, part 2 – Vaccine delivery

The first vaccines for The Virus arrived in South Africa yesterday, and wow, was the pomp and ceremony was dragged out onto the cold, wet apron at the airport in Johannesbeagle?

(Yes. Yes, it was.)

Dignitaries, politicians, umbrella holders and a really sycophantic media were all present to witness a whole 1 million doses of Covishield™ arriving on an Emirates 777.

That’s just enough to fully vaccinate 0.8% of the population, by my rudimentary calculations.

And yet:

I don’t watch news programmes specifically for this reason. But last night, I flicked on eNCA because I wanted felt I had to watch Ramaphosa’s address on reducing the lockdown. This was long, long, overdue, but clearly held back so that he could wave his little “we’ve got some vaccine” flag.

And wow. The blatant fawning during the pisspoor pre-speech small talk was absolutely sickening.

I looked up several times from the ironing (it’s all about the glamour here, ok?) and was eventually told off by Mrs 6000 for using the phrase

What the actual fuck?

four times – ever more incredulously – in about a 90 second period.

I’m well aware that the art of politics is all about spin, but this was so robustly applied that we were all almost flung outwards at mass times angular velocity squared times radius*.

They’re clearly not even bothering to hide it anymore. Gone are the clever intricacies of subliminal messaging. This was in your face GovernmentLove©. I’m not one for hyperbole, but I was actually quite shocked. I would not have been surprised if they’d cut across the studio to some sort of shrine to the ANC**.
It was actually like I was watching a party political broadcast***.

Stay away from news channels, guys. Or at least watch them with the knowledge that they’re all pushing some sort of agenda. This one wasn’t pretty. But at least it was pretty obvious.

Right. While I’m sounding like some sort of Trump fan with a Masters in Media Conspiracy from the Dunning-Kruger Online College, might I just ask why we’re bothering with this whole injection thing anyway?

It’s a tiresome, clumsy, process and people can avoid getting the jab if they so choose.

Ugh. No. That’s not what our reptilian overlords want.

Why not just use chemtrails?

After all, Darth Putin has got one of his planes in Cape Town right now, ready to go:

The Russian-built, Russian-registered, catchily named Illyushin II-76 TD-90VD arrived last night from the so-called Novolazarevskaya Airbase (which also sounds Russian), and features a huge cargo hold, capable of being adapted to hold fluids to bomb fires (definitely) or spread weather-modification and mind-altering chemtrails (possibly).
Surely it shouldn’t be such a big thing to fill it with vaccine and get us all done in one go?

I mean, that’s almost certainly why it’s here, right?


I’m glad you are all in the know as well.


Stay safe.



* engineers and physicists will know
** ok, that was a bit of hyperbole
*** back to no hyperbole

Day 313 – Thank goodness for this guy

I mean, after just years and years of training, experience and continuous education, that the entire scientific and medical community could have somehow slipped up and overlooked [vital information] about [important subject] is near inexcusable.

Thank goodness for people like this middle-aged man-Karen and his tireless research in the laboratory on social media sites, discovering the bits we didn’t and keeping us all honest.

(Not that I’m necessarily classing myself as one of “the world’s top scientists”.)
(But I can’t be far off, right?)


image supplied by commenter. thank you, commenter.