It’s hit a ridiculous 36 South African degrees in Cape Town this afternoon, and anyone with any sort of a brain has been sensibly hiding inside.

I’ve been out and about.

First of all grabbing another morning walk in Kirstenbosch, and then doing jobs and running errands: one of which included delivering some table grapes to an estate agency, and another of which included buying some boerie and spuds for dinner. Quick and easy in the air-fryer stuff.

It’s now been suggested to me that I should go outside (again) and light a fire – a hot fire – and cook the dinner over that instead. I mean, it’s not like I could get any hotter, right?


We might pop out for an ice cream before or after that.
We will be popping to the airport for more family goodbyes a bit later as well. [sad trombone]

Tomorrow promises to be a quieter, cooler day.
I mean… apart from that thing that’s going to happen…

Day 661 – Reminder to self

We were in the pool again until after 9 this evening. That’s why this blog post is so late.
Sorry, I know you’ve been desperately hitting the refresh buttons on your respective browsers.

Is this January hotter than previous Januarys (Januaries?), or is it just our collective imagination?

Anyway, while we were cooling down this evening, floating and gazing at passing satellites, I realised that I need to get a photo of the pool at night. I mean, I’ve already done that here, but I’m thinking of chucking the drone up to get a proper overhead, rather than one from the bedroom window. When I read this, maybe I’ll remember.

In that post above, I suggested that the pool light was a gimmick, and it is, but it’s a damn cool gimmick, and nightswimming (which deserves a quiet night; I’m not sure all these people understand) is made much more fun by being lit from within.

The heat and the floating have left me a little tired, and I suspect that I will be heading up for an early night ahead of the first full week of school…

Or I might end up watching the Spanish Super Cup final.

Who can say?

Day 659 – S’ot

Another roasting day here in the Cape. Despite our best efforts, the beagle has melted into a pool of fur and ears on the kitchen floor. Even my usually cool office has been infiltrated by the ridiculous heat.

I would love to hit the pool and quaff an ice cold beer, but I have a 4pm meeting.
On a Friday.
In summer.
In Cape Town.

Who does that?

Baie frustrasie.

(Can’t really blame them, to be honest: it was a cancelled flight scenario. But that sort of factual info ruins the drama.)

On the plus side, our plans for this evening seem to have been shifted to next week, so I might take the opportunity to light the braai, because who doesn’t want to stand next to the searing heat of coals when there is searing heat everywhere else? If I put it out in the sun now, will I even need to light it?

And then, tomorrow? Well, despite the headline above, Windguru is telling me about all day drizzle. Which would be welcome right now, but also massively unexpected.

Either way, it surely can’t be as hot as today.


Day 654 – Mini Road Trip


We’re off on a mini road trip (MRT) today. Because it has been so hot in Cape town, we’ve decided to head inland, where the temperatures are… I… hang on… oh… oh crap.
I think we might have read this wrong. Apparently it gets even hotter inland.

Seriaas?!? Even hotter than this, today (which was yesterday, as I said)?

We might die.

Yeah, I’m not quite sure what we were thinking. But we are staying on a wine and olive farm and there are pubs and bars very nearby. We’ll make the best of it by drinking cold beer, sitting by the pool and doing our best impressions of crispy bacon.

We will survive.

The only possible relief from this temperature-related nastiness might be the rain forecast for tomorrow (which is today, because see above). But who wants epic thunderstorms if you’re going to get crushing humidity and 38C?

Me. I want that.

Because at least it’s a step down from the what they’re seeing out there today (which – thankfully – as mentioned above, was yesterday):

Ah Jesus…

Watch out on Instagram for updates (possibly including some from the local medical services).