I have no idea…

I should be in the UK right now, but I’m actually writing this from Cape Town. That’s because I’m writing it now, which is Wednesday.
Confused? No. Me neither. This isn’t a difficult concept to grasp.

One thing I am a little confused about is the degree to which I will be able to connect while I’m (t)here.

I have no idea.

I’m disappearing off to France on Sunday and I have a feeling that things may be even more confusing there.

Look – what I’m basically saying is please hang tight. I will endeavour to provide you with a post each day, although, in the immortal words of Brian Micklethwait, I promise nothing.

Normal service should be resumed (assuming it has been interrupted) on Thursday 28th, when I reach the stability of Manx Telecom and their fantastic internet infrastructure.


…and the living is – decidedly iffy up north.

That little puppy on the south coast of Ireland is what is going to be bringing more wet and windy weather to the UK this weekend on top of the flooding they have already had.

Ordinarily, the prevailing meteorological conditions 6000 miles… away would have little or no effect on my psyche, but this time next week, I’ll be there and I would appreciate it if things could sort themselves out by then.


UPDATE: The poor start to the British summer is due to the jetstream “a fast-moving ribbon of air about six miles above the surface of the Earth, which varies in position and speed throughout the year due to large temperature contrasts”, being too far south. I have also found myself being too far south at times, a situation I remedied by going further north. I would thus implore the jetstream to please consider doing the same.

Winter Wonders at Kirstenbosch

School holidays are approaching and for once, we don’t have to balance the tricky arts of child-minding and something to do, because we’re going to be on the Heading North 2012 tour. For the rest of you parents though, it’s time to get juggling.

However, help is at hand – step forward Kirstenbosch Gardens with their winter programme for kids:

The annual Winter Wonders programme at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden gets underway from Monday 25 June until 14 July with a host of unusual and creative activities – everything that you could possibly need to keep the kids occupied. Parents and grandparents can enjoy this winter break making the most of this leisure time.

All the events have an environmental theme and what better than to show the younger generation our precious heritage and how to be highly creative at the same time.

The programme includes puppet shows that will have the children agog. Be captivated by the wonderful stories spun from our clever local authors. Creative children can be signed up for the half day, one or two day arts or crafts workshops, bringing home a precious piece of handiwork at the end of the workshops. A series of delightful Garden walks, ideal for all ages, opens up the many paths and plants to a curious audience while learning why we in the Cape are so proud of our natural heritage. Bask in the beauty of Kirstenbosch’s winter mantle and the holidays will pass by in a flash.

With FREE entry to the Garden for children six years to 17 years old enjoy a hassle free holiday in the most beautiful garden in the world.

It was just over seven years ago that I got married in that most beautiful garden in the world, thereby turning it into the celebrity venue it is now, and I can think of no better place to amuse and educate your kids this winter.

Full details are here and you should note that some events have limited space available.