Day 385 – Quite the bathroom(s)

A house near our old house has just gone on sale. I had a quick wander round the photographs. It needs (a lot of) work, but the potential is incredible.

The house is going for a cool R7.2 million. Decent value if you’re able to spend about the same again doing it up.
I’m not going to buy it. Just so you know.

The bathrooms were especially striking:

Seriaas, bra?

Met eish, ja?!

Ay Caramba!

Looks like the same ‘tog that did our place has been at work here, again. Huge overuse of the Dehaze and Clarity sliders is clearly evident throughout (I rejected a few of the images that we were sent for approval because it looked like a cartoon house in a cartoon world). But then, you can’t really blame her for the tiles or the decor. I know very well that there’s only so much that you do when presented with something awful that you have to photograph and make it look nice, and with that kind of scene, perhaps attempting to camouflage it in post as much as possible is probably the best way forward.

Quick flight

The Joburg-esque winter which has left us so critically short of water has made for some great flying conditions, with cold, clear, still days.

Sadly, life has been busy and so I haven’t really had the opportunity to make the most of it. But I found myself with a few spare minutes this morning and chucked the Mavic up for a quick scout around the neighbourhood and beyond.

I love the different perspective that the Mavic can give you – even when you’re looking at something as mundane and unattractive as Wynberg CBD.

For reference, that’s the Wynberg Girls and Wynberg Boys Junior Schools campus in the bottom right, the ‘boxy’ police station and courts just beyond them, and Maynard Mall on the left. In the distance – False Bay.

A few other views here.

Oh, and for those of you outside South Africa, I’m able to fly today because it’s a public holiday.


Remember how I lamented not dragging my sorry ass out of bed last weekend? This weekend, I put all that right by dragging it (and the kids) down to Wynberg School field and taking the drone higher than I’d ever taken it before. 121 metres up in fact. That’s according the the flight log, which is part of the software that limits the drone to the 120 metres legal ceiling, so you do the maths.

It’s all rather academic anyway. While I launched from the flat field, I was sitting in the shade at the top of the steep bank (you can see me, at about 10 o’clock, actually), a good 5m up already.

I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t endangering anything or anyone.

The photo includes the kids, waving madly at a dot in the sky from the Jacques Kallis Oval, which as any fule kan see, are distinctly square.

My confidence in my ability, together with my knowledge of what Florence the drone can do, is growing all the time. It can’t be long now before I run out of excuses for taking kak photos with this amazing machine.

Wynberg chimney

It’s been a hectic day, followed by a hectic evening. TB has been cultured, stained, examined. Kids have been fed, bathed, bedded. Medical advice has been given over the phone. A toilet has been fixed. Four cups of coffee have gone cold due to sidetracking issues. A tragic waste of caffeine.

We had perfect blue skies all day today, with more of the same promised for tomorrow. The fine weather is only set to break on Wednesday, which is because I play football on Wednesday and the weather gods hate me.
I snapped this (mainly) white chimney in Wynberg this evening as the sun sank slowly behind the mountain. And that’s all you’re getting this evening, I’m afraid. I’m now off to watch some footy until the lack of caffeine kicks in.
10 minutes, tops.