Day 385 – Quite the bathroom(s)

A house near our old house has just gone on sale. I had a quick wander round the photographs. It needs (a lot of) work, but the potential is incredible.

The house is going for a cool R7.2 million. Decent value if you’re able to spend about the same again doing it up.
I’m not going to buy it. Just so you know.

The bathrooms were especially striking:

Seriaas, bra?

Met eish, ja?!

Ay Caramba!

Looks like the same ‘tog that did our place has been at work here, again. Huge overuse of the Dehaze and Clarity sliders is clearly evident throughout (I rejected a few of the images that we were sent for approval because it looked like a cartoon house in a cartoon world). But then, you can’t really blame her for the tiles or the decor. I know very well that there’s only so much that you do when presented with something awful that you have to photograph and make it look nice, and with that kind of scene, perhaps attempting to camouflage it in post as much as possible is probably the best way forward.