One Last Shot

I’m heading out of Sheffield this afternoon, leaving the Steel City for the Groot Trek back home to Cape Town.
It’s been a good visit, and my last evening here was capped off by this sunset. Which was nice.

[Big on black here]

The length of the summer days here is something I’d forgotten, but it’s basically light from 3:45am until almost 11pm. Returning home from the pub the other night, there was still light in the sky at midnight. I think I arrive back in Cape Town late afternoon tomorrow, and I’ll probably only get about an hour’s daylight before the winter night sets in.

Still, I bet South Africa will still be a bit warmer than South Yorkshire…


No filter, no nothing. Just wow.
I popped outside to see the progress of the fire on the mountain above Muizenberg (spoiler: the fire is winning right now) and was rewarded with a superb Cape Town sunset.


I’ve said many times that this place does all the hard work for you when you are looking to take a decent photograph.
I think this point-and-shoot just underlines my correctness. Once again.

(P.S. One more on Flickr here.)

Decent start

A lazy morning on the beach, a light lunch (“I’m going to do tuna rolls; all I need to buy is tuna and rolls”), some late afternoon braai action and then this sunset:


Of course, it’s a marathon, not a sprint: 2015 won’t all be like this, but at least it’s done its best to make a decent start.

I’m thankful for its efforts in that regard.

Wery Welcome Winter Weather

I’m probably the only one thinking it. I’m probably the only one spelling Very with a W too, but that’s another story. Yes, Cape Town’s wet and windy weather this morning came as a pleasant interlude to the bright, winter sunshine for me, mainly because I’ve lost my sunglasses.


Yes. Exactly. It’s because we’re only just past the winter equinox here that the sun is currently only getting to a maximum of about 35º above the horizon. And that’s at (today, anyway) 12:52pm. At 8am, the time when I like to set off for work during the school holidays, it’s about 11º up, which is about the same as saying RIGHT THROUGH YOUR WINDSCREEN AND IN YOUR FACE!

Talking about the sun, Cape Town moves back into having a sunset after 6pm as from the next Tuesday, 22nd July. This definitely makes for easier post work sundowners on Camps Bay beach. And in case you’re thinking that sundowners on Camps Bay beach can’t actually be done in July, you’re wrong, as I proved at 17:46:29 on the 11th of July, last year:

I’m pretty sure that sunglasses were used on that occasion.