Can’t see the wood


Maybe tomorrow, I’ll do *that* post in response to *that* post in response to *that* other post. Maybe.
But all that nonsense pales into insignificance when Sheffield United get through to the sixth round of the FA Cup:


These the scenes at Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane as Chris Porter put us ahead in the dying moments. He scored again a couple of moments later to make it 3-1.
Cue international delirium.

The match is on DSTV at midnight and I’m probably going to be good for nothing tomorrow.

UPDATE: And here’s some (*cough*… “amateur”) video of the penalty.

Love it! 😀

Last Minute Winner

I stayed up awfully late watching football last night, especially since Mrs 6000 was getting up at 4:15 to head to the airport and I was getting up at 6 to get the kids to school and the me to work.

I’m knackered.

But it was SOOOOO worth it!


After 119½ minutes of… “uninspiring” (polite terminology) football and with the threat of a penalty shootout looming large, Sheffield United substitute Shaun Miller stooped to head in from a couple of yards out after a towering header by Harry “Harry” Maguire, sending the visitors’ huge and vocal contingent into ecstasy.

I may have shouted a bit too.


I’m suffering today – Scoop even commented on the “big blue lines” underneath my eyes this morning – but, fueled by imported Caribbean coffee, I’ll somehow make it through to this evening. However, please be warned that today’s productivity may be slightly reduced.

Where did all the good guys go?

Short on time, but felt that this deserved (at least) some passing comment. It’s’s Big 5 player producer analysis. By Big 5, they mean teams in top-flight clubs in Spain’s La Liga, England’s Premier League, Italy’s Serie A, Germany’s Bundesliga 1 and France’s Ligue 1 and by “producer”, they mean “spent 3 or more seasons developing players when aged between 15 and 21”.

It makes very interesting reading, especially the English table, which has Sheffield United at 14th place, ahead of 8 Premier League teams.


(you’d be a fool to overlook the mighty Skelmersdale United in joint 40th as well)

It’s a good indication of the draw of the Premier League and the issues that plague smaller clubs. While the talent flows ever upwards, in search of money, fame, fortune and glory, there’s scant compensation for the little guys who have spent time and money developing the the players in question. Sheffield United’s academy regularly provides 3 of the back 4 for England’s national team, but we’re still strapped for cash and disappointingly languishing at the wrong end of League 1.

I can only hope that we rise again to our natural haunt in the Premier League and become one of those clubs which pillage the talent of the lower league clubs, as soon as possible.

I’ll Just Leave This Here

Treating the blog to bit of footy after a long-overdue “good weekend” for my beloved Sheffield United.

Featuring a Man of the Match performance which has put Ryan Flynn’s talent neatly on display just in time for the January transfer window.
Oh no, here we go again… 🙁