Best Atmosphere in England? Mauricio knows…

I’ll just leave this here:

Asked about the best atmosphere he had experienced in his time in England, Pochettino picked Bramall Lane. “They are a historic club currently in the third tier and for a Cup game there were 35,000 people in the stadium. So it’s that, not Old Trafford, or Stamford Bridge or the Emirates that stands out.”

Not wrong there, Mauricio.

And HITC Sport’s Subhankar Mondal evidently knows his stuff as well:

English football is not necessarily the most aesthetic, but support and passion in the lower leagues is probably the best in Europe. United regularly get thousands of supporters for League One matches, sometimes more than some Premier League clubs do.

The Sheffield-based club are one of the biggest of England despite playing in League One, and retain one of the largest fanbases in the country. What is refreshing about the United fans is that they have remained loyal and go to games despite their team not being in the Premier League or in the Championship.

Yep, there’s just something about being a Blade that brings out the passion and encourages undying allegiance, and despite the occasional disappointments, there are many moments to savour as well.

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