Day 242 – Mostly positives

I started my Monday morning with a long list of jobs to do and things to achieve.

Wait for it…

And I did and achieved most of them. Ta-dah!

There is food in the kitchen cupboard once again and the lawn is mowed. Mown? Mowed?
Mowned.  Let’s stick with mowned.

The delivery I had to do down south was straightforward, and the meeting that I hadn’t been looking forward to very much, went well… I think.

This evening, I attended a webinar on the dining room table about online safety for my kids, and it was interesting, even if the guy did go on a bit too long. I’m not sure that Mrs 6000 was supposed to download and play Among Us while he was talking, but that does appear to be what happened. I must just watch her screentime…

Even the kitchen cupboard flinging a glass at me late in the evening failed to dampen my spirits. I actually love the new sparkly effect across the floor in front of the fridge. I can’t believe we never did this before.

Tomorrow promises rain (hence my getting the mowning done today) and there are still a couple of outstanding tasks I need to take care of (not least vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor now), but generally, this has been a very good day.

More of this sort of thing, please.

Day 101 – Domestic bliss

Today could be good. It’s certainly started well.

A bit of lie-in, ahead of the return to school tomorrow (albeit still virtual school, not real school).
A quick coffee then off into the drizzle for a decent 6km run.
Shower, patio haircut (went well).
Sun comes out.
English muffins and more coffee for brunch.
A blog post. <- YOU ARE HERE
Sheffield United on at 1pm.
A relaxing afternoon seething/basking in glory.
Making sandwiches for Ladles of Love.
Evening in front of the fire and the footy.
Bed at an unreasonable hour.