Day 263 – Check your nuts

This has always been a good bit of advice for gentlemen:

But I’m talking about your wheel nuts on your car.

We did a lot of driving on bumpy, poorly maintained, corrugated dirt roads last weekend and I noticed (while washing quite a lot of the Cederberg off the car*) that we were missing a wheel nut. I’m guessing that the prolonged bumps and shakes loosened it to the point of falling off, which it then clearly did. It’s… somewhere out there… waiting for some lucky person to find it: either now, or in the distant future as some sort of industrial fossil.

It’s now been replaced (R111.94 inc VAT for your standard wheel nut, it seems) and as a precaution, I checked the other 23 wheel nuts on my vehicle. While none of them were anywhere near to falling off, I was able to further tighten all 23. Yowzers.

I’ll be checking all my nuts much more regularly in the future. So should you.


* “Take only photographs. Leave only footprints. Wow, that’s an awful lot of red sand you’ve also brought back with you.”

Day 260 – Cederberg pics

Our trip to the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve would have benefitted from being one day longer.
We didn’t have time to get everything in and relax. But we managed to have a great time anyway.

There was hiking, stargazing, rock art, wildlife, drinking, swimming, nature drives.
The food was excellent. The views were incredible. Miles and miles of complete desolation.

Peace and quiet. Very few humans. Blissful stuff.

Here are the other photos.

Day 257, part 2 – A quick note

Hello again.
This morning, I was hiking in the fresh air amongst the incredible rock formations of the Cederberg:

This evening, I am doing parenting stuff in a warehouse in Claremont.

Swings, roundabouts.

We’re back in the land of the wifi though, at least, and so I was doing a quick catch up on the latest news from the Whatsapp groups when I saw this:

Cape Agulhas Municipal area has gone from 8 active Coronavirus cases to 107 in less than 3 weeks. By comparison, the top peak of our first wave was 43 cases mid July. The Coronavirus spreads through human contact. Therefore the spread & control is literally in our own hands!
Our health services & health personnel are under strain & the Festive Season hasn’t even begun yet. If our system is overwhelmed we, as healthcare workers, will be forced to turn away people who could ordinarily be saved. This is not a situation we ever want. We care deeply about our patients and community. We desperately need people to wear their face masks, observe social distancing & avoid unnecessary risks.
Keep yourself and your family safe. Help us to help those that need medical care.

That’s an increase of [counts on fingers] 1237.5%.

However could this have happened?

[roll eyes emoji]

As an aside: We were very glad to note the excellent precautions being followed at the place we were staying this weekend.