Day 260 – Cederberg pics

Our trip to the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve would have benefitted from being one day longer.
We didn’t have time to get everything in and relax. But we managed to have a great time anyway.

There was hiking, stargazing, rock art, wildlife, drinking, swimming, nature drives.
The food was excellent. The views were incredible. Miles and miles of complete desolation.

Peace and quiet. Very few humans. Blissful stuff.

Here are the other photos.

The Promise

No, not the new hit from 30 Seconds To Mars, or indeed anyone similar, but merely a vow to get the photos from the weekend up onto Flickr… tomorrow.

Today’s shenanigans on the beach, followed by the trip home and then an impromptu braai and several (or more) beers have left me short on energy and inclination for anything other than my nice cosy bed on this distinctly autumnal evening.

So – the pledge is that the weekend’s photos will be uploaded to Flickr tomorrow.

Really, I promise.

Estate Agent Photos

House prices are going up. I think. Sales have likely recovered from the 2008 slump and are (possibly, at least) breaking records. Estate agents are probably doing ok – more than ok – financially. [did you research this post at all? – Ed.]
And, in other news, technology is getting better, cheaper, easier to use and more accessible.
For estate agents and house buyers alike.

At least, oooh, at least a percentage of people looking to buy a house now look online. And with reading skills at an all time low and a picture infamously worth a thousand words, you’d be daft as an estate agency not to be exploiting the power of digital photography and modern web design to sell more property.

If only… if only they could do it better.

tumblr_nxma6czvoO1rrqskho1_1280Beautiful garden (may need some slight attention).

tumblr_nuqgpvtO6o1rrqskho1_1280Some rooms are more difficult to get a clean picture of than others.


But it’s not always the estate agents fault. I mean… what exactly is going on here?


I have it on very good authority that at least one of our local estate agencies are clamping down on dodgy photos making it as far as the pages of their esteemed website. And that sort of approach will worry the guys from Terrible Real Estate Photos dot com, whose business model is based almost entirely around sharing such imagery.

Get there while you can.

Fishhoek view

Wow. Some party. Drunkenness, loud music, wigs galore.
And this view across Fishhoek bay when you took a little time out in the cool evening air.

There are other photos, of course, most (if not all) of which will mean more to those present on Saturday night. Don’t you hate the way that flash photography makes it look like there’s absolutely no atmosphere? There was plenty. I didn’t even realise that the dance floor was concrete until I looked at the photos. No wonder my feet hurt.
But anyway, you’re more than welcome to go and have a quick look and see if you recognise anyone. This being Cape Town ‘n all. [note: I was going to put a link to my “Cape Town is a very small world” post here, but I cannot find that post, despite searching for all the seemingly relevant terms. Hint: There’s very little point using the words “Cape Town” to search for anything on this blog.]
Scratch that – found it!

Bed at 2, kids awake at 5:45, spend day in soporific stupor (yes, even more so than usual).

Such is the life of a partying parent…