On Edge

“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til you lose it”, said Phil Collins.
To be fair, I’d never paid much attention to Phil, but suddenly, I’ve realised that he was right all along. Because being without decent internet having had decent internet is driving us slowly mad.
True, we’re here to chill out, kick back and relax, but the internet can be used as a leisure thing too. It’s not all work, work, work, you know? Except that it becomes hard work when it doesn’t go very quickly.

Thus, popping into the metropolis of L’Agulhas, with its HSDPA connection, and pizza, and beer on tap seems like one of the best decisions we’ve made recently.

Later, back to pre-history and something-only-ever-so-slightly-better-than-dial-up.
But first, beer and pizza, obviously.

A wee stop

After a monumental journey home from Agulhas which included a reluctant car, some fish & chips, a MASSIVE traffic jam over the mountains, a highway blocked by protesters and loads of other stuff which my mind has already blocked out, I do at least have this:


This was the view somewhere just off the R316 between Napier and Caledon, where we made a “comfort stop” for the kids. I won’t share the view the other way.

The rest of the journey was really not worth sharing either. There’s five and a half hours of my life I won’t get back.

And so, once again, I turn to beer for comfort and relief. And it’s working.

Some Few Things

A few things that caught my interest today:

Avon sales are up in South Africa, which is good news for those selling Avon products – and their kids:

“My daughter also took the brochure into school – they both knew that if there were orders then they were sure they were going to have food at the end of the day.”

Volunteer rat trappers required on the Calf of Man. I would do this if I was anywhere near to the Calf of Man. As it is, I will have to continue practising on the moles in my back garden. No bad thing.

I have a bloody earworm from some film my wife watched this weekend. I may need this.

My first homebrew project is underway, with my kit from BeerLab. I’m suddenly concerned over the exact air temperature in my house. Oh, and where I’m going to get 23 litres of beer bottles from in the next week and a half.

The Man United refereeing post which is interesting, but which requires shedloads of extra data before it means very much.

Currently, my favourite song from the new Muse album is Follow Me:


…which will definitely be making an appearance on my RunMix02. Big up to Radio One for the amazing light show in the Live Lounge. Yes, I know it’s radio, but really – why bother at all?

The Rand is currently at R8.92/$ and R14.29/£.
I, like the rest of South Africa, am quietly weeping somewhere deep inside.