Day 715 – Happy Birthday

No. Not me. And probably not you, statistically speaking.

But 6 Music turns 20 today, so happy birthday to it.

My spiritual, musical home, not always a harmonious (pun actually intended) relationship, but sometimes things need to be a bit challenging and difficult. It’s also both the reason that I use Spotify, and the reason that I don’t use Spotify very much. Because I don’t have the luxury of a local record store, so I need to get my (non-radio) music fix somewhere, but I’m more often listening to the radio in the first place.

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And on those odd occasions when I do accidentally tune into some local station, whether it’s one meant for my demographic or not, I thank my lucky stars that the internet and the BBC Sounds app exists. Because there would be misery and death all around if I had to listen to the aural pollutants that SABC and Primedia push out 24/7.

So here’s to another 20 years and beyond.
Happy Birthday, 6 Music.

150 up

As I mentioned yesterday on certain social medias, my now-more-popular-than-ever Inspired By 6 Spotify playlist crashed through the 150 song mark this week.

A bit of housekeeping meant that four new tracks were required to get it there. They were:

Banners – Start A Riot
(overheard on one of Mrs 6000’s weird Showmax series)
The National – Guilty Party
(track 9 on their 2017 album in my car)
The Cinematic Orchestra/Roots Manuva – A Caged Bird/Imitations of Life
(actually currently on BBC 6 Music’s playlist)
Slowdive – Sugar For The Pill
(I heard this earlier in the week and remembered how good it was)

If you are on Spotify, you can find the playlist here:

And please share it around as much as possible. I’d like to be famous just because people love the music I enjoy listening to and have helpfully curated.


February is very much the month of love, and so – given that I’m running out of time and energy to blog (or do anything else today), here’s a beautiful song from Ex:Re (it’s pronounced like the skeleton photo thing) from the 6 Music Live Room: Romance.

Yeah, sadly this is about how unromantic this particular encounter and relationship was. So maybe this isn’t the one you’re looking for for Valentine’s Day.

Quirky moments on this live version include the synth player starting by hiding under her keyboard, and – let’s face it – everything that the drummer does. Look out for his silent silhouetted screams as he fits and starts over the drum kit.

Great song. And I love the way that despite how simple it is, there’s real enjoyment and feeling from all of the performers.

I’m still adding great music

After a brief hiatus over Christmas, I’m back adding great music to my popular Inspired By 6 Spotify playlist.

Take a look at what’s available here:

Or via this link:

This week (amongst others) I have added Sleeper’s first new song in 21 years: Look At You Now.

And the poignant, heartbreaking new single from The Cranberries – with vocals recorded in the week before Dolores O’Riordan’s untimely death a year ago. Almost prophetically called All Over Now and detailing a miserable night in a London hotel, it’s weird to hear that voice singing something new.

There’s lots more as well – I think we’re up to somewhere around the 140 tracks mark, and that’s 10 hours of really good music.

Please click through, follow and share. Because together, we need to continue to fight the good fight against the dodgy popular, Ar un Bee and hippity hop waves sweeping our musical shores.

Inspired by 6

I may have mentioned these things before, but not together, and even if I have, it deserves repeating.

First thing: I listen to BBC 6 Music at lot. I’m right in their target demographic, so they suit me and I suit them. Symbiotic, innit?

Second thing: I’m (still) really enjoying Spotify. I love having the flexibility to think of a song and just listen to it, there and then. I recognise that this has been something that’s been around elsewhere (and even here) for a while. But because Spotify is new here it still feels a bit like living in the future.

Now, I have tied these two things together in a wonderful marriage by starting a public playlist called “inspired by 6”.

What I do is to listen to BBC 6 Music all day and each time they play an amazing song (rather than just a really good song), I quickly add it to the playlist. Therefore, what’s currently on there is a collection of more than eighty songs which are the best of what’s available on the best radio station around.

All according to me, at least.

Great for solo listening, background listening or appearing cool (to that certain demographic) at a party.

If you are on Spotify, you can listen and follow the constantly-evolving playlist by clicking the clever little box above or here. You’ll need to be a member of Spotify too, obviously, but I’m told that there’s more than just me on there, so maybe it’s for you too.