Just sharing this extension I recently found from Google Chrome (much like the “NeSpReSsO iSn’T rEaL cOfFeE” thing, please don’t @ me telling me how Chrome is the (second) worst browser you can get. Thanks.).

Anyway. It’s called Bonjourr, it describes itself as a “minimalist startpage” and it just makes each of your newly opened tabs look nicer. Like this:

The images change each hour and they are taken from Unsplash, into which I’m definitely going to look further. The whole thing is fully customisable, even down to the actual css code. It’s open source, free, no account or login required, no stealy stealy data stuff and comes highly rated on the Chrome web store.

Sometime we can have nice things. And this is one of them.

6000 recommends…

Pick n Pay Happy Hour

Once you’ve read this post, please share it so that everyone can benefit.

Pick n Pay Happy Hour??!!??

I thought that it was a bit of a gimmick, but there were a lot of signs in the local supermarket, so I updated my app, allowed notifications, and…

…then I forgot all about it.

But this morning: PING!

Happy Hour between 2pm and 3pm this afternoon. Get R250 off when you spend more than R500.


Well, there are two parts to this. Firstly, I needed some stuff from Pick n Pay anyway, and secondly, who turns down the chance of R250 off in this sort of economic climate? Or indeed in any economic climate?

The timing of the Happy Hour wasn’t ideal, but it was certainly doable, and so I thought I’d give it a go.

And… it worked:

R250 off, just for doing the shopping I was going to do anyway, but checking out at 2:06pm instead of a couple of hours earlier.
R250 is comfortably two meals for a family of 4. It’s 7.5kg of washing powder. It’s 10½ loaves of bread. It’s 14 litres of milk. Or slightly less of each of them if you share it about a bit, obviously.

I’m not sure how Pick n Pay gains from this, but for a family like us, who always have something on the shopping list, and usually have room in the freezer, this might actually be a bit of a gamechanger.

Add in the R115 of Smart Shopper points that I used, and that’s 46% off my R800 shop this afternoon.

That’s pretty amazing.

Note: This isn’t an ad. I’m fully transparent, and I tell you when I’m doing ads. But please share this post. Everyone needs all the help that they can get at the moment, and this offer is certainly helpful.

Car Parking Magic

This is not a paid post or an ad. It’s just a very cool idea (with an introductory offer, nogal!).

I used the “new” Admyt app to do some car parking earlier this week. While it might be commonplace in some countries for ANPR and an app to bill you for parking, in SA it still feels like some kind of magic as the car park barrier lifts in front of you as you pull in at the Waterfront parking lot.

Yo, VIP!

And there’s no more fumbling and stumbling around for change or worrying about misplaced or missing tickets. When you’re done, just get into your car, and drive out of the car park.

Magic again.

You can get the app on Apple here, or Google here. Then use this code:


to get R10 off your first parking bill (a promo that covered my parking on my recent Waterfront visit).

It’s very cool. Give it a go.


A spin-off from GeoWizard, Tom Davies’ occasional series here. (See what i watch in the sidebar.)

Basically a photo of a place (or a person in a place), and you have to find out where they are. Tom has been doing this for a while now, and as you might expect, he’s pretty good at it.

But now a fan has made a site dedicated specifically to it, and as a first attempt, it’s really rather good.

Basically, you are given an image of a place, and you have to locate the place. You can use whatever means you like: googling is actively encouraged – but you do have to find something to google.

This was the first one that I attempted. And I got it spot on in about 3 minutes. So clearly, everything you need is there.

Anyway, the only downside is that you have to create a (free) account to play. But it’s well worth it as an occasional fun distraction from the misery of modern life.


Not an ad. Although if Woolies want to pay me in cash or kind, I’m not going to say no.

Woolies do a lot of nice products, but with good quality comes a higher price tag. That said, many of their products are worth it (e.g. their Clemengold nadorcotts): they’re nicer, they last better and they look smart on your shelf/in your fridge/atop your Karel Boyz fruit bowl when fancy-pants people come round for drinkiepoos.

And then came this – definitely the best non-citrus product that they have ever sold:

I had to rotate the image so that it wasn’t long and tall and annoying on the post, but now look at the cod. He’s the right way up, but his Linnaean name isn’t. It’s those sort of little details that prove you’re getting a genuine Woolies product and not some inferior knock off. Always check the cod and the cod name.

And any inferior knock off would be inferior too, because this is SO GOOD. It’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s very tasty, it’s (quite) healthy, and – because you need so little – pretty good value at R79.99 as well. Made in Norway – almost certainly from Fjord cods – this is definitely worth dropping into your basket on the 26th.

Lob it on a cracker, pop it on some fresh brown bread or just smear it on the kitchen wall and have some fun while you’re home alone: it doesn’t matter how you eat it. It’s just great.

6000 recommends.