An impromptu trip out this morning took us (amongst other places) to Constantia Wine and Craft on Gabriel Road, Plumstead Constantia.

A fine example of Conspansion if ever I saw one.

But what an interesting shop! I’ve driven past it about a million times, but I’ve never been in.
Obviously, that’s now changed, and I’ll definitely be going back. An amazing range of unusual craft beer from all over SA and Belgium (other nations may also have been represented – I think I saw a Namibian independent brewer or two in there, as well).

And yes, I know I said this,

…and I stand by it. But there is still some good stuff out there too.

They also had some lovely wines from Constantia and beyond. Some of which I’d never heard of before:

Viral gastroenteritis – which is surely the most common revenge of any crustacean-based dish – is a strange choice to name your wine after, and at R500, this bottle from Vredendal was a bit much for me to take a chance on, but I did love the name.

And – a whole few hours before this announcement, this afternoon:

I also spotted this there:


All your favourites (including spirits) are there with a sprinkling of the unusual and the quirky, and it’s well-worth popping in to try something a bit different whenever you happen to be passing.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. I tell you when I do them.

Day 715 – Happy Birthday

No. Not me. And probably not you, statistically speaking.

But 6 Music turns 20 today, so happy birthday to it.

My spiritual, musical home, not always a harmonious (pun actually intended) relationship, but sometimes things need to be a bit challenging and difficult. It’s also both the reason that I use Spotify, and the reason that I don’t use Spotify very much. Because I don’t have the luxury of a local record store, so I need to get my (non-radio) music fix somewhere, but I’m more often listening to the radio in the first place.

Look at all my Spotify Playlists here

And on those odd occasions when I do accidentally tune into some local station, whether it’s one meant for my demographic or not, I thank my lucky stars that the internet and the BBC Sounds app exists. Because there would be misery and death all around if I had to listen to the aural pollutants that SABC and Primedia push out 24/7.

So here’s to another 20 years and beyond.
Happy Birthday, 6 Music.

Day 581 – Coffee on the island

The trip is going well. Thanks for asking. 16,000+ steps yesterday, so it’s hard work, but good fun.

I’m lucky enough not to be on overnight supervision duties, so I have my own cell – literally an old prison cell – on the other side of the yard from the kids. I’m not sure how much quieter it was, though.

A quick Southland Coffee got me going this morning while everyone else was relying on instant muddy water or juggling with complicated paraphernalia. I stay winning.

Today: the real prison, and that guy‘s cell. Always a privilege.

More soon.

Not a sponsored post. Just some good advice.

Day 580 – About Sunday lunch

The Restaurant at Clos Malverne was our choice. Fancy, without being too avant garde; keeping a family-friendly feel, but still with some amazing food.

And if you book early, you can get a terrace table.
Here’s why that’s a good idea

[Oops. I’ve just realised that I’m trying to upload a 61MP pano. Let me sort that out with my new resize option. Then you can enjoy the view like we did. There’s it.]

Cajun soft-shelled crab for starters: amazing flavours and textures, followed by their fillet: good quality, simple food done really well. (But also medium rare, obviously.) A bottle of their really good Auret to go with it.
And Mrs 6000 got some extra treats for her birthday. Perfect.

This one drops neatly into the 6000 Recommends… category.

Day 511 – Animal pics

I promised a while back to get some more photos edited and uploaded and lawd bless ma soul, I have done it.

Here they are! Yes, mainly animal pics because we were very much there (which was here) to look at animals.
Some animal pics are better than others; some really good, some not so good, but these are the ones that I liked.

Inverdoorn is a private game reserve in the Karoo. It’s not deepest, darkest, wildest Africa. But it does offer the opportunity to see – and get close to – some really amazing animals that you might see in DDWA. They also do a lot of rehabilitation work, especially with their cheetahs, and with really good deals for locals (no, this isn’t a sponsored post) at the moment, it’s a whole lot cheaper (and a whole lot less hassle) than heading up north.

But of course, up north has its benefits too and personally, I think it’s unfair to compare this with a Kruger trip (and they probably shouldn’t try to on their website), but as a really easy standalone weekend away from Cape Town, with good food, good drink, great accommodation and the chance to see some big animals, I’d totally recommend it. Covid protocols were really well-observed, too.

But you weren’t here for my thoughts on the place. You just wanted to see the animal photos, right?