Day 715 – Happy Birthday

No. Not me. And probably not you, statistically speaking.

But 6 Music turns 20 today, so happy birthday to it.

My spiritual, musical home, not always a harmonious (pun actually intended) relationship, but sometimes things need to be a bit challenging and difficult. It’s also both the reason that I use Spotify, and the reason that I don’t use Spotify very much. Because I don’t have the luxury of a local record store, so I need to get my (non-radio) music fix somewhere, but I’m more often listening to the radio in the first place.

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And on those odd occasions when I do accidentally tune into some local station, whether it’s one meant for my demographic or not, I thank my lucky stars that the internet and the BBC Sounds app exists. Because there would be misery and death all around if I had to listen to the aural pollutants that SABC and Primedia push out 24/7.

So here’s to another 20 years and beyond.
Happy Birthday, 6 Music.