Day 639 – Christmas Music

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate.

Happy Saturday to those who don’t.

Whatever your views on today, I hope you have a lovely time doing whatever you are doing.

And if you are looking to try and find some festive feeling, please enjoy this playlist I discovered via Vox.

It’s got everything. If you can’t find the Christmas track you want on here, it either doesn’t exist, or you simply ran out of time because this thing is OVER SEVEN DAYS LONG!

You can flick it on this morning and still be listening to it NEXT YEAR! Be amongst the first of friends to get into the Christmas spirit for 2022.

Merry Christmas, you trendsetter!

Day 616 – Music news

Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we? Yes, that question was also music related. (IYKYK)

Lookie here! It are my #SpotifyWrapped2021 selection for the year. I listened to a lot more than this, because I do like my radio, but there was certainly a lot of Spotifying as well. And this is what I listened to:

Look at that mix of contemporary and er… “older” quality artists.

My top 5 songs came from 1985, 2020, 2021*, 2020, and 1981.
Which is all a bit confusing, because if you asked me what the best decade for music is or was, I’d obviously tell you that it was the 1990s.

Spotify put My Favourite 100 Songs Of The Year** into a playlist, which you’ll want to have a listen to:

Argh! The Spotify embed tool keeps giving me someone else's playlist. 
Who the hell are the Stray Kids? Save yourself - don't google them. 
Rather click the link above. Safety first. 

I might have lost my sense of taste for a few weeks thanks to that miserable virus, but my musical taste clearly never failed me.

Look at all my Spotify Playlists here

* you’ll find some New Dad there too
** I’m fairly sure that they’ll have done this for other users, as well

Day 597 – Party

Despite recent events – or maybe even because of them – the party tonight is still on.
Limited numbers because of Covid. Already postponed twice due to Covid. Needs to end early because of Covid… look, you get the idea, but maybe it’s time to actually live a little.
And so there will be fun, drinks, memories and yes: also music.

On the music front, there’s actually going to be a band. Live music. And I can’t wait.

But then we have to fill in the gaps between their sets with Spotify and I’ve had to put my foot down a bit. I was up early this morning removing Pitbull tracks from the stuff that’s been shared, oh, and anything that has a $ sign in its name from the playlist.

Sometimes both in one. Awful.

The result is a 9½ hour (I don’t think we’ll use all of it) list of about 170 songs ranging from the Beatles, through Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and on to the Human League and Swedish House Mafia.

Should be fun.

The DJ, however, does not got us falling in love again. There’s really no need for any of that.

Day 429 – My music

A quick shout out for a new page added to my site in answer to a number (1) of enquiries about what sort of music I listen to. There are a few playlists that I have compiled for myself on popular music streaming service, Spotify. But while I made them so that I could listen to them at appropriate times in my life, there might be some appropriate times in your life that you think might be better if they had a decent soundtrack.

Don’t worry: the catchily named My Spotify Playlists page is here to help.

There’s a quick description of each of the playlists I have on offer, then you can click through and have a proper look and follow and/or recommend them if what you find there is agreeable.

Quick note: Playlist For A Chilled Braai is my particular favourite goto for many occasions, not just for a chilled braai.

And if you ever want to go straight to that page without having to find this post, then there’s a little Spotify logo button up there in the top right that you can use (right next to the buttons for my Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages).

I know, right? So thoughtful.

Day 379 – New Music

I know that music posts don’t always go down very well on here. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

But if you are looking for something new to listen to, here are a couple of suggestions from 6000 HQ:

How about some New Dad? Their latest one, Slowly – following on from their desperate cry against the horrors of depression I Don’t Recognise You – is wonderful alternative indie, almost shoegazy stuff.

Hear more of their stuff on Spotify.

And then The Lathums (it’s a short, sharp A, ok?). Their new one Oh My Love is so new that the video only premieres later today. More indie, but a bit more folky indie. Think The Coral or The Farm, a touch of Arctic Monkeys or maybe even a bit of Doves.

Short and sweet. [Spotify]

I’ve been compiling a Spotify playlist of stuff I have enjoyed in 2021. It doesn’t have to specifically be from 2021 (and indeed, much of it isn’t), but if I hear something and I like it, it goes in.
Both these songs have made the grade. I mean… obviously.

You’ll want to click through on this link.

Please enjoy and share, should you be that way inclined.