Day 643 – Lancet Covid Editorial

This is from a couple of weeks ago (and this post was written a few days ago), so maybe everything’s already been sorted now, but in the unlikely event that it hasn’t, this: [or PDF]

The challenge now is to determine the level of COVID-19 that is acceptable for individual nations in a fundamentally interconnected world.


A good overview of what we’ve done and what we need to do, but no real answers here, besides the “politicians must do better” plan. But we’ve kinda been hoping for that for a number of years now and it hasn’t quite materialised.


The Risk of Drinking

Uh-oh. The Lancet has done some research and has said that there is “No Safe Level” for drinking alcohol.

Cue billions and billions (and billions and billions) of articles panicking about how we are all going to die because I downed a Castle Milk Stout yesterday and you had a G&T last Tuesday.

Like this. Or this. Or this. Or… this.

Meh. RIP.

Here’s the most sensible take I’ve seen on it, by Professor David Spiegelhalter* (crazy name, crazy guy).

Yeah. Well said, Prof. Life is for the living, not for abstaining.

(Here’s a more in-depth analysis from him…)

If you want to live risk-free: well, you can’t. Hard cheese (apparently not dangerous, btw).
So you might as well enjoy it while you’re here.



* if my rudimentary German is correct, this man is called David Mirror Holder.