A quick round up

Let’s do a quick recap.

My legs. They still work. And football was a lot of fun, despite the result. I’m giving myself a day off gym and other exercise today, but I’m both happy and mildly surprised to say that I could probably actually possibly do stuff if I wanted to*.

Talking of football, I’ll just repeat myself on this one:

Never bet against Real Madrid in the Champions League*.

An amazing game last night, which I almost ditched in favour of bed with 10 minutes to go, but then (wisely) chose not to. Because you never bet against Real Madrid in the Champions League*.

And, I have to say, VAR even added to the drama. [oi – stop throwing things at me!]
Incredible tension when that second goal went in and was disallowed.
Incredible scenes when that second goal was confirmed…

I added this song to my 2024 Spotify playlist:

Maximo Park meets The Enemy meets The Maccabees, maybe?
Raging, but controlled. Ferociously introspective, but dealing with things. Just.

And a reminder that all my Spotify playlists are here for your enjoyment, free of charge*.

It’s a beautiful day outside, but wow, it’s chilly this morning. It looks like it will be dropping into single figures this weekend after another cold front due tomorrow. The last one didn’t really deliver on its promises, with just 6mm of rain. Still, taking no chances, I have checked all the gutters are clear and I’ve got the firewood ready.
Also, for the first time this year: socks. [Audience gasps]

Anger at Adobe. Anger at James Popsys.

Wow. Photographers can get angry. But it’s justified this time, I think.

Adobe, who charge us many, many Rands for the use of their software (which is obviously fair enough – it’s my choice to subscribe), are embracing AI to the point where they actually use the term “Skip the photoshoot” on their Generative Background menu.

Yeah. Why bother employing a ‘tog?

In a world where AI is replacing many jobs, not least in the creative sector, this feel like a real kick in the teeth.

And photography Youtubers are at it too. James Popsys released a video sponsored by AI photo development tool Luminar Neo. In this video – and I hope you’re sitting down for this revelation – he extolled the virtues of the AI photo development tool Luminar Neo.

This did not go down well with his viewers. There were comments like:

James a couple of weeks ago – embrace imperfections in photos.
James now he’s being paid – use AI to remove power lines.


Yay, a new video from James….. oh, it’s a 12 minute ad for AI πŸ™


Why not just sell your camera and start making photos with an AI image generator?

Which is exactly what Adobe seem to be suggesting above.

Look, there’s likely a place for AI in many aspects of our lives*. And there’s definitely a place for it in photography. But to go in this heavy-handed (and I’m looking at you both, Adobe and James Popsys), well, that’s not the way to put it out there.

* T&Cs apply

Out of My Head

Curry last night was the best: Bihari never disappoints. Medium hot chicken jal frezi, cheese and chili naan. Interstitial Black Labelage. Inevitable mention of Padel. A cooling don/dom/john pedro to cool it all down. Discussions on upper body fitness. Tonsillitis germs provided by a pop-in visitor.

And just what is going on with Bishops Rugby?

Right now though, a change of mood and pace: it’s the new one from First Aid Kit. This is Out Of My Mind from the upcoming album Palomino, out November 4th. It’s a more poppy version of their usual country style, and follows on from the hugely successful Angel.

I could have been a DJ, but things just didn’t work that way.
And now, just after 8am, it’s time for the news.

Day 616 – Music news

Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we? Yes, that question was also music related. (IYKYK)

Lookie here! It are my #SpotifyWrapped2021 selection for the year. I listened to a lot more than this, because I do like my radio, but there was certainly a lot of Spotifying as well. And this is what I listened to:

Look at that mix of contemporary and er… “older” quality artists.

My top 5 songs came from 1985, 2020, 2021*, 2020, and 1981.
Which is all a bit confusing, because if you asked me what the best decade for music is or was, I’d obviously tell you that it was the 1990s.

Spotify put My Favourite 100 Songs Of The Year** into a playlist, which you’ll want to have a listen to:

Argh! The Spotify embed tool keeps giving me someone else's playlist. 
Who the hell are the Stray Kids? Save yourself - don't google them. 
Rather click the link above. Safety first. 

I might have lost my sense of taste for a few weeks thanks to that miserable virus, but my musical taste clearly never failed me.

Look at all my Spotify Playlists here

* you’ll find some New Dad there too
** I’m fairly sure that they’ll have done this for other users, as well

Day 597 – Party

Despite recent events – or maybe even because of them – the party tonight is still on.
Limited numbers because of Covid. Already postponed twice due to Covid. Needs to end early because of Covid… look, you get the idea, but maybe it’s time to actually live a little.
And so there will be fun, drinks, memories and yes: also music.

On the music front, there’s actually going to be a band. Live music. And I can’t wait.

But then we have to fill in the gaps between their sets with Spotify and I’ve had to put my foot down a bit. I was up early this morning removing Pitbull tracks from the stuff that’s been shared, oh, and anything that has a $ sign in its name from the playlist.

Sometimes both in one. Awful.

The result is a 9Β½ hour (I don’t think we’ll use all of it) list of about 170 songs ranging from the Beatles, through Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and on to the Human League and Swedish House Mafia.

Should be fun.

The DJ, however, does not got us falling in love again. There’s really no need for any of that.

Day 538 – Two Top Tunes

Bit busy today, so herewith a bit of music that I’ve been enjoying more than other music I’ve been listening to recently. (Not that that other music was particularly bad – these are just two top tunes).

First off, The War On Drugs title track to their upcoming album, I Don’t Want To Live Here Anymore.

More of the same same. Perfect.

And then this: The Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion, 1973. Yes, really.

It’s so, so good. And what a title! Look out for Calls To Tiree from earlier in the year, as well.

Definitely echoes of Dry The River (RIP) in there.