4 to go for #2024 – advance warning!

I’m nearly ready to share my Spotify #2024 Playlist.

Yes, I know. Already.

And it’s going to be good!

My playlists for each year (you can find them and more on that link) don’t necessarily reflect or contain content from the year in question. Just tracks that I have heard in that calendar year that I thought:

“Yeah, let’s have a bit more of that.”

There’s no point in sharing a playlist with just 6 tracks on (none of which are current songs), but as soon as I reach double figures, I’ll add it to the list and share it on here.

Meanwhile, here’s a bit of Old Skool live Dire Straits which has somehow made the cut.

Not really my usual thing, but when that riff kicks in at 3:13… well… yeah.
It’s all just fun and games after that.

And sounding remarkably good on my laptop’s B&O speakers.
But probably better in your ears.