Slip one in

Between a horse show with the rich and infamous this morning, and a Matric Dance this evening, I’m a bit pushed for time.

I can’t share any Matric Dance photos because it hasn’t happened yet and I can’t really share any horse show photos because I don’t have permission from the horses the riders, so let’s quickly look for a Quota Plover.

Ah, here we go.

This one is your stock standard White-Fronted Plover (Charadrius marginatus), taken on the beach near Suiderstrand back in June. Just look at that Winter light.

And that’s going to have to be your lot for today. Tomorrow: a lie-in and a braai.
Probably in that order.

Quick trip

A quick trip down to Agulhas to check that all is in order after the recent bad weather.
It mostly was, but a few important jobs and repairs got done, and now it really is.

A beautiful day, making me wonder if there actually had been any rain. But yes, the fields were sodden, and then I saw the state of the road south of Bredasdorp. The Agulhas Plain does serve as a giant runoff from the Soetmuisberg, but generally the roads remain clear. Not today, with the knee-deep water on the A319 allowing only the larger vehicles through. Thankfully, I was in one of them, and so it worked out ok.

Once here, managed a quick walk as well, and some photos, none of which were amazing, but that isn’t an issue.

Favourite one was probably this White-Fronted Plover on the beach here. And even then, maybe more for the pebbles than the bird.

Back home now, and ready to grab a quick dinner before loadshedding. Will the first clouds of the cold front hold off long enough to grab a quick shot of the Milky Way while the village lies in darkness (apart from the wanker with the generator in his garage)?

I guess you’ll find out right here tomorrow.

Day 360 – Birds

Ah. The full 360. And that’s why we’re just about to come back to where we started with another hard lockdown.


Sunnier, warmer and less windy today (although that last one starting from a very high baseline), so the Boy Wonder and I grabbed a camera and went for a wander around our weekend neighbourhood.

Not much special stuff going on togging-wise in the bright sunshine, but good to get some fresh air and take in some rays as we headed through town and then back along the coastline.

I’ll need to lob them into Lightroom when I get chance, but in the meantime (because I’d rather be looking at the sea than a computer screen), please enjoy a Cape Cormorant and a Three-Banded Plover. Despite the Cape Cormorant being much smaller than his White-Breasted cousin, there’s actually still quite a size different between the two birds above (65cm v 18cm). However, because of the cropping and the fact that one was far. away. it doesn’t seem that way.

More photos to follow. “Soon”.