Quick trip

A quick trip down to Agulhas to check that all is in order after the recent bad weather.
It mostly was, but a few important jobs and repairs got done, and now it really is.

A beautiful day, making me wonder if there actually had been any rain. But yes, the fields were sodden, and then I saw the state of the road south of Bredasdorp. The Agulhas Plain does serve as a giant runoff from the Soetmuisberg, but generally the roads remain clear. Not today, with the knee-deep water on the A319 allowing only the larger vehicles through. Thankfully, I was in one of them, and so it worked out ok.

Once here, managed a quick walk as well, and some photos, none of which were amazing, but that isn’t an issue.

Favourite one was probably this White-Fronted Plover on the beach here. And even then, maybe more for the pebbles than the bird.

Back home now, and ready to grab a quick dinner before loadshedding. Will the first clouds of the cold front hold off long enough to grab a quick shot of the Milky Way while the village lies in darkness (apart from the wanker with the generator in his garage)?

I guess you’ll find out right here tomorrow.


Ah yes. The blog post after the cathartic experience that I had been waiting for. Yes, hot and sunny, and yes, I do prefer the more tempestuous side of Cape Agulhas, but it was just amazing to get out, get some fresh air and have the beach (almost) to ourselves.

Normal service is resumed.

And that includes unsuccessful fishing in the rockpools.

We’ll be heading home shortly, but as ever, it’s been a wonderful getaway, and I’m already looking forward to our next visit.

Happy daze.

Proud dad

Sketchy internet, and I have dodgeball to watch, so let’s get this done quickly.

Nice day today, headed out to the Black Oystercatcher with Little Miss 6000 for one of their outstanding platter lunches, but did that whole game drive meander on the way through the Agulhas National Park:

…and ended up on beautiful Brandfontein beach en route as well:

Aside from the lunch and the company, the highlight was probably a family of ostriches – at least 8 juniors and their loving parents. Here’s dad and a couple of the little ‘uns.

Plenty more photos to sort out – maybe (probably?) even a re-edit of these ones – but I need to go and enjoy the sunshine right now. (And charge my devices before loadshedding.)

A family divided…

…by choice.

It’s been ages since we’ve been down to Agulhas, and the cottage probably needs a good clean and check-up, and certainly deserves some more electricity. But this weekend looks very cold and wet, and Mrs 6000 likes warm and dry, so she will be staying home with the Boy Wonder and I will be taking our daughter down to the stormy seaside for a couple of days.

The beagle will be bedding down, sloth-like, here in Cape Town.

The first thing to be packed in the car was a big bag of fresh firewood, and burning that is something that I’m very much looking forward to. The second thing to be packed was a couple of bottles of decent red wine, and drinking that is also something that I’m very much looking forward to.
As is dodging between the showers and getting some South Atlantic sea air and exercise on the beach.

The drive down might be less pleasant, but it’s a means to an end, and the end will hopefully be quite fun.

More from there tomorrow.