Quick trip

A quick trip down to Agulhas to check that all is in order after the recent bad weather.
It mostly was, but a few important jobs and repairs got done, and now it really is.

A beautiful day, making me wonder if there actually had been any rain. But yes, the fields were sodden, and then I saw the state of the road south of Bredasdorp. The Agulhas Plain does serve as a giant runoff from the Soetmuisberg, but generally the roads remain clear. Not today, with the knee-deep water on the A319 allowing only the larger vehicles through. Thankfully, I was in one of them, and so it worked out ok.

Once here, managed a quick walk as well, and some photos, none of which were amazing, but that isn’t an issue.

Favourite one was probably this White-Fronted Plover on the beach here. And even then, maybe more for the pebbles than the bird.

Back home now, and ready to grab a quick dinner before loadshedding. Will the first clouds of the cold front hold off long enough to grab a quick shot of the Milky Way while the village lies in darkness (apart from the wanker with the generator in his garage)?

I guess you’ll find out right here tomorrow.