Day 360 – Birds

Ah. The full 360. And that’s why we’re just about to come back to where we started with another hard lockdown.


Sunnier, warmer and less windy today (although that last one starting from a very high baseline), so the Boy Wonder and I grabbed a camera and went for a wander around our weekend neighbourhood.

Not much special stuff going on togging-wise in the bright sunshine, but good to get some fresh air and take in some rays as we headed through town and then back along the coastline.

I’ll need to lob them into Lightroom when I get chance, but in the meantime (because I’d rather be looking at the sea than a computer screen), please enjoy a Cape Cormorant and a Three-Banded Plover. Despite the Cape Cormorant being much smaller than his White-Breasted cousin, there’s actually still quite a size different between the two birds above (65cm v 18cm). However, because of the cropping and the fact that one was far. away. it doesn’t seem that way.

More photos to follow. “Soon”.