Day 555 – A sudden realisation & How to spot the bad guys

Oh My Deity.

Can you even begin to imagine the SA Moonbats if when we get to Day 666 of all this extraordinary mess?

For the record, we’re back down to Level 1 again in SA as of yesterday morning, with an amazing opportunity right in front of us to stop this thing right in its tracks.

Will we take it? Probably not.

I wrote about a week ago about people spreading misinformation about vaccinations, ivermectin and the like. Someone asked me how to know which bits are true; how can we separate those people from the “good guys”. Fortunately, even if you’re not able to see through the BS because you’re not a scientist and you don’t have the time to trawl through someone’s twitter or Facebook history for clues, then there are still super simple signs you can look out for.

The use of the word “tyranny”, for example.

This is Drama Llama-ism and privilege at it’s finest. You might not like our government much (and I’m with you on that), but honestly, get a grip. You’re not – despite your desperate protestations – living in Nazi Germany.

No, this isn’t “jUsT LiKe LiViNg iN nOrTh KoRea”.
You went to the pub last night and they asked you to sanitise your hands when you went in?
Oooh. How very Pyongyang!

“Tyranny” is a good marker because no-one publicly uses “tyranny” to describe how they are living their daily lives, simply because if they were living their daily lives under any sort of tyranny, they wouldn’t be allowed to say anything publicly.

What else? Well, quotes from George Orwell books are a dead giveaway. Especially the one he never wrote:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

not George Orwell.

Or any reference to 1984 (which he did write).

And then there are the links to science stories which have been interpreted by right-wing, conservative news sites (generally) from the US. These will inevitably and unswervingly follow the narrative of “Ivermectin good, vaccine bad” (and yes, that was a deliberately chosen root quote, just for fun), and will be from a website whose title will be something along the lines of RationalPatriot dot com, NationalObserver dot org or MaintainingLiberty dot net.

The scientific paper that they review will exist, but it won’t say the things they say it does. If there’s enough fuss about it, the paper’s author might get in touch on twitter and tell them that they didn’t get it right. This inconvenience will be ignored and the story will not be retracted.

Some mention of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Any link to disclose dot tv.

Use of the word “sheeple”.

And then the obvious stuff like: “the vaccines are killing more than the virus”, “covid isn’t real” and “ivermectin prevents/cures covid” (which isn’t real).

I hope this helps in working out what you can believe and what you can’t.

Day 525 – Record Numbers Of Zebras Die Due To Global Horse Paste Shortage

I know this seems a little premature, while we’re still very much enjoying the fruits of our current pandemic, but it pays to look ahead, and so I took a quick wander down Imaginary Boulevard and soon discovered a terrible ticking time-bomb awaiting planet earth. Especially the stripy members of it.

Strongylus vulgaris

Crazy name, crazy creature.

And a scary life cycle – get this:

During the infective stage of the S. vulgaris life cycle, the larvae that have matured in the intestinal tract will migrate into the surrounding blood vessels. Once in the blood vessels, the larvae will continue their migration throughout the body to various organs causing damage to the blood vessels along the way. This can cause anemia or blockage of blood flow caused by the detachment of blood clots from the vessel wall resulting in tissue death. S. vulgaris are commonly where faeces are present. Harsh environments, such as freezing, do not kill S. vulgaris.

Sounds awful (and it is), but you don’t need to be afraid. It won’t infect you. You’re a human.

It will infect horses, mules, asses (no comment), zebras and quaggas, though. And, in case you hadn’t realised from the description above. IT WILL KILL THEM DEAD.

Fortunately, there is a cure: Horse Paste. This isn’t a paste made from horses, in much the same way that Baby Oil isn’t extracted from actual babies, right. (This is right, right?) (I’m suddenly second guessing myself a bit here…)

Never mind.

Horse Paste is a paste for horses (and mules, asses (no comment), zebras and quaggas). And it contains a chemical which is a member of the macrocyclic lactone class of endectocides and which has a unique mode of action. Compounds of the class bind selectively and with high affinity to glutamate-gated chloride ion channels which occur in invertebrate nerve and muscle cells. This leads to an increase in the permeability of the cell membrane to chloride ions with hyperpolarization of the nerve or muscle cell, resulting in paralysis and death of the parasite. Compounds of this class may also interact with other ligand-gated chloride channels, such as those gated by the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid.

I didn’t write the bit above but tl;dr Horse Paste KILLS Strongylus vulgaris DEAD.

It’s just that, for some weird reason, right now, there seems to be a global shortage of Horse Paste.
And that’s bad news for our Zebras.

Look how completely fucked off with humans this one appears (it is rather hidden by his face stripes, but an expert could tell you that deep down he’s properly irritated). And who can blame him? Sure, he’s healthy right now because the local stockpile hasn’t quite run dry yet. But he’s about to be eaten from the inside out because some people are just completely thick and they’ve used up all the Horse Paste.

And now imagine if you were a Quagga. Pushed to extinction by humans once already, and now, despite the best efforts of The Quagga Project trying to right wrongs:

The Project is aimed at rectifying a tragic mistake made over a hundred years ago through greed and short sightedness. 

…about to be wiped out again – this time through stupidity and short sightedness. And a lack of Horse Paste. I think that as a quagga, you’d have every reason to be thoroughly pissed off at mankind. Extinction once could possibly be seen as a bit of an oopsie. Twice seems almost like targeted abuse.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is, of course, one big winner here: Strongylus vulgaris. And while some idiots might think they are taking Horse Paste to protect themselves from Covid (it won’t) and to show that they are sticking their middle finger up to The Establishment (ooh, you rebel, you!), they’ve actually just been fooled into being witless shills for Big Parasite.

And it’s our zebras that must bear the brunt.

Next week, we tackle the thorny subject of whether Rhino Paste cures HIV.

Day 516 – Damn you (all), Big Pharma!

I have grown tired of being told to “follow the money” by the you-know-whos when it comes to “Big Pharma” and the Covid-19 vaccines. Sure, I accept that the system is far from perfect, and sure, Pfizer et al. have made a shedload of money from selling the vaccines, but then they have invested a shedload of money in research, development and production of the vaccines. Contrary to layperson belief, these products didn’t just appear overnight.

To the anti-vax crew, “Big Pharma” conveniently consists of the companies that are making Covid-19 vaccines: Pfizer, AstraZenica, Moderna etc. And yes, they are doing very nicely, thank you very much with market caps of $279.94B, $133.9B and $100B, respectively.

Clearly, Big Pharma = Big Money.

You could take the view then that “Big Pharma” is evil and merely all about the wonga – and the alt-right whatsapp groups have done just that – but then we mustn’t just consider these vaccine-producing companies as “Big Pharma”, we must surely look right across the market and well… “follow the money”.

Let’s take Merck. Merck employs 74,000 people, managed almost $50b in revenue last year and is apparently worth $194.64B

Note that Merck is much “Bigger Pharma” than AZ or Moderna. Clearly, they must also be just as evil or even eviller.

And look! Merck does have a foot in the Covid-19 door as well: they hold the licence to Stromencol – that’s their trade name for “miracle wonder drug” Ivermectin.

Just another arm of “Big Pharma” making money from a crisis. THEY’RE ALL THE SAME, GARY!

But Merck has also stated very clearly that Ivermectin doesn’t work against Covid-19 and is unsafe to use for that purpose:

But Merck are (as demonstrated above) very much “Big” and “Pharma”, so why are they not profiteering from people’s pandemic misery? Merck is like the Eskom of pharmaceutical companies: actively telling people not to use its product.
It’s an odd way to do business.

Presumably then, this is where the “this pandemic is just a money-making scam for Big Pharma” argument stops.
Or at least is conveniently overlooked. Cognitive bias at its finest.

Pfizer says that their vaccine works against Covid-19 and is safe, and the moonbat brigade refuse to listen to a word of it.
Merck says their Ivermectin doesn’t work against Covid-19 and isn’t safe, and the loons still run to swallow horse wormer in their thousands.

It’s almost as if Ivermectin doesn’t work against Covid-19 and isn’t safe. But then, I guess this is just a clever example of “Big Pharma” reverse psychology. Which the anti-vaxxers have seen right through. Well done, guys.

What a weird situation. But then, they are, aren’t they?