Day 516, part 2 – Places to donate money

Earlier today, the JG Zuma Foundation – the somewhat shady organisation with no official headquarters or web presence (ok, there’s a twitter account) – set up to spread happy happy joy joy stories (wholesale propaganda) about our horrifically corrupt ex-President, posted this image (which I have slightly adulterated), requesting donations towards legal fees as JZ (occasionally) tries to fight the numerous charges against him.

Never mind that this dude and his cronies syphoned billions from the national coffers. Never mind that his family regularly share images of their latest luxury purchases and five star trips abroad. Never mind that his homestead had “security upgrades” which cost the public R246,000,000.

He needs your money.


But there are still people who will donate to this cause. Like there are still people who will take Ivermectin for Covid-19.

Great news: you don’t have to be these people.

If you have money to spare (in this economy, ruined by guess who? ha!), then please don’t give it to JZ.

Give it to The Haven and help homeless people in Cape Town who don’t have a R250million mansion to live in.

Or give it to Gift of the Givers, who are doing remarkable work all over South Africa and overseas.

Or even just go and treat yourself to a burger or something. You deserve it.

Just please – please – don’t give it to Jacob.

Day 77, part 2 – Buy a bed

Will this be the coldest day of the year in Cape Town?

I’m guessing (and hoping) so. We’re only just scraping into the dizzy realms of double figures. And that drops off sharply with every squall that comes through.
And while 10ºC might be balmy for a lot of other places in the real world, we don’t have double glazing or central heating or (in quite a lot of rooms) carpets.

You’d be surprised just how much of a difference that makes.

Of course, we’re not set up for these chilly conditions simply for the reason that they really don’t happen very often down here. But they are happening today and we’re hiding inside under blankets, cuddling hot-sacks and nursing hot drinks. Even the beagle is hiding in its basket, covered with blankets (and we got the model that comes pre-equipped with fur and everything).

One thing we do have is a log fire. Definitely the best thing we ever put into this house. Especially today. I’m really not sure how we’d manage with the old gas heater that was in here and cost hundreds of Rands to briefly suggest warmth to an area about 30cm in front of it. Now I chuck huge lumps of invasive vegetation into a mini furnace and prevent widespread family hypothermia.

Of course, we’re very lucky to be able to have a roof over our heads and a fire to fling logs at.

If you want to help support those who don’t have such luxuries, please consider a donation to The Haven night shelter, where as little as R60 ($3.56, £2.81) can give someone a bed for 5 nights.

Donate here or via Snapscan here:


I’ve just donated and now I’m off to warm myself up by making some bread.

I’d suggest that you donate before whatever plans you have for the afternoon.