Rocket Science (2)

“Rocket Science. It’s not Brain Surgery. But that’s for another post.” I recently blogged.

Congratulations: you’ve found that post.

And here’s the video which I am reminded of each and every time either of those two career options is mentioned – especially when someone is belittling  – or attempting to belittle – some achievement or other.

Comic genius. I am very surprised I haven’t shared this on here before.

Anyway. It speaks for itself, I feel. Which means I don’t have to speak for it.

See you again tomorrow.

WILTY brilliance

SPOILER ALERT: Thankfully, given the title, this is not a medical post.

WILTY is Would I Lie To You? – the comedy panel game with Rob Brydon, Lee Mack and David Mitchell – and it’s rapidly become my favourite funny thing on the television. We’re seeing a few repeats on DSTV, but despite the fact that I’ve now seen this one four times, Kevin Bridges’ “I accidentally bought a horse” story still had me in stitches again last night:

Without over-analysising it too much, and aside from the wonderfully straightforward concept of the show (the other team must simply decide if the panelist telling the story is telling the truth or not), I think it’s the juxtaposition between the “posh” and “working class” backgrounds of Mitchell and Mack which make it work so well. Brydon’s cheesy comments merely add to the laughter.

It’s on after QI on Channel 120 on Tuesday evenings and it’s well worth a watch.

Shut up with your Latin. Eat them. They’re brilliant!

I was watching “Brand New” QI last night (actually turns out to be over 3 years old, but still) and this section had me in tears of laughter.

David Mitchell and Sean Lock are a recipe for success anyway, but the images conjured up in answering this question were just brilliant.