Happy Birthday, Sean Lock

And thank you for this lovely montage, Channel 4.

Sean Lock would have turned 60 today, but we’re not going to be maudlin about it. Instead we present to you this compilation of grumpy old man rants and anecdotes that demonstrate that Sean Lock was, in many ways, always a 60-year-old man. Happy birthday to you, sir.


I’m not sure whether I’m in love, or the flue’s blocked.

Much missed.

and happy birthday, Stu…

Day 510, part 2 – on Sean Lock

Hugely sad news that comedian Sean Lock died this morning. I know that when famous people die, there are always expressions of admiration, but he actually was my favourite comedian still doing the rounds. I loved his often surreal humour and I loved his complete irreverence. I’m gutted.

Whizz through to 1:20 above for Sean’s greatest achievements.

Or the infamous Wrong Number Prank:

Amazing stuff. I’ll miss him.

UPDATE: This piece from Harry Hill, featuring this paragraph:

…is lovely.

Shut up with your Latin. Eat them. They’re brilliant!

I was watching “Brand New” QI last night (actually turns out to be over 3 years old, but still) and this section had me in tears of laughter.

David Mitchell and Sean Lock are a recipe for success anyway, but the images conjured up in answering this question were just brilliant.

How to block calls and SMSs on Android

I have had a few issues recently with persistent wrong numbers. Or at least I did, until I found a good way of blocking them.
You can send calls from selected numbers directly to voicemail using just the Android interface and if you want to do that, it’s as simple as adding the offending number to your contacts, then using EDIT CONTACT and checking… er… “Send calls directly to voicemail”.

However, that still leaves you with two problems: you will end with several (probably blank) voicemails and/or your annoying stalker may also decide to send you an SMS.

Don’t panic.

Step forward Easy Filter Call & SMS Blocker from Moonbeam Development. This freebie app, available from the Android Market does exactly what it says on the tin. Simply add any number from your contact list or call log (or at random if you feel the need) and it will block calls and/or SMSs from that person. It even works on Please Call Me SMSs, the bane of South African cellphone users lives.
You can choose to be informed (or not) that a call or SMS has been blocked and you can also choose to send a message to the blocked caller, telling them to “bugger off ” (this can be edited as you wish).

But wait! There’s more!

Don’t you just hate those private numbers that keep calling you? Is it a payphone, is it an irritating switchboard, or is it YOUR STALKER?!?!? (sorry).

Well, Easy Filter Call & SMS Blocker has an option to block those as well. Which is nice.

If you choose to install this app, please leave a comment and tell me what you think of it.

The alternative to all this, is presented by brilliant UK comedian Sean Lock.

Why not try this and have some fun before you block the number?