Avocado bathroom

I think we’ve all been in a house with one. I think we all know what to say.

Too many soundbites to share from the Mitchell & Webb sketch, but I think that:

How could you sleep a wink knowing that somewhere in your house, mute ceramic witness was being paid to your total inability to bow to the prevailing taste consensus?

has to be (at least) in the top 3.

Rocket Science (2)

“Rocket Science. It’s not Brain Surgery. But that’s for another post.” I recently blogged.

Congratulations: you’ve found that post.

And here’s the video which I am reminded of each and every time either of those two career options is mentioned – especially when someone is belittling  – or attempting to belittle – some achievement or other.

Comic genius. I am very surprised I haven’t shared this on here before.

Anyway. It speaks for itself, I feel. Which means I don’t have to speak for it.

See you again tomorrow.