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Konsertinformasjon a-ha lørdag 7. mai

Når a-ha sin legger turnéavslutningen til Bergen lørdag 7. mai vil konserten reflektere bandets fantastiske karriere med et bredt utvalg a-ha sine største og viktigste låter. Og de er det mange av: a-ha-katalogen er spekket med gull fra de tidlige årene med «Hunting High and Low» og «Scoundrel Days» og frem til nyere tid hvor plater som «Analogue» og «Foot of the Mountain» har sementert deres status som vårt viktigste og største band noensinne.

Bergenskonserten blir trolig en siste sjanse til oppleve a-ha på en scene i 2016. Vi gleder oss til å ta i mot Morten, Magne og Pål i Bergen lørdag 7. mai, og gi bandet en verdig avslutning på “Cast in Steel”-turnéen.

Tider: Portene åpner kl 19:30. Support dePresno kl 20:45. a-ha på scenen kl 22:15. Slutt kl 24:00.

That all looks good, although I’ll make my own decisions about what I want to do at midnight, thank you very much.


Is this… is this really going to happen?

“meanwhile, back at work…”

It’s been an exhausting weekend featuring several (or more) tasks, including (but not limited to) shed building, bowl painting, pool mending and failing to buy paint.

Long story.

It’s the 6th though, and that means that a-ha are playing in Russia this evening, and if you thought that my flat-pack plastic shed was an ordeal (it wasn’t actually that bad, although the correct instruction booklet would have helped a lot), then you should be a roadie on the Cast In Steel tour.


This is from Magne’s Instagram, titled: “meanwhile, back at work #hellorussia“.

Can you imagine the scenario?

“Can you pass me the 15″ spanner please, Bob?”
“Sure – where is it?”
“It’s in the black box.”
“Er… which one?”
“The one with wheels and a lid – you can’t miss it.”

And once all of that is out and set up, and the Ekaterinburg show is done tonight, it’s got to be all taken back down again, transported 944km to Kazan and all set up again for Tuesday evening’s performance there.

I hope they’ve found the spanner by then.

Magne on the final tour

a-ha dot com have interviewed Magne ahead of the closing leg of the band’s Cast In Steel tour. He had some interesting stuff to say:

What can fans expect from the spring live show? Will there be set list and/or arrangement changes?

“Yes, there are a lot of changes made since South America. After that leg, we took a look at what new things we felt worked well overall and which things worked less well and we have added some other new songs to the roster that we have never performed before.
Plus, we are working with some new people behind the scenes for a couple of surprise-events later down the line…” (he says secretively).

It’s reassuring that even with just the European Spring tour still to run on their final tour, they’re still taking the time to get feedback and to make changes and tweaks to the show to make it (even) better. Professionalism, ne?

Also, given the band’s 30+ year history, it’s amazing to hear that they are planning to play songs which they’ve never performed before. Colour me intrigued.

The first show of the final leg is in Ekaterinburg in Russia next Sunday. Maybe we’ll know a little more after that…

Bergen & Bourbon

The planning for Cast In Steel 2016 is now well under way. No-one is more amazed than me that it actually seems to be happening, but hotels are booked, flights are being booked and hopes are being cautiously raised. Very cautiously. We all remember what happened last time.

I’m no expert on Norway, so it’s a steep learning curve for me. But Bergen, our home for a few nights, looks ridiculously beautiful. Here’s a shot of the harbour area (and our hotel) (along with a lot of other buildings) from their tourist people:


All so very pretty, but all so unfamiliar to me. Well, almost all unfamiliar, anyway. Because, hang on a sec, isn’t that our old friend (we met once on Quay 6 at the V&A Waterfront) Bourbon Clear, about halfway down that right hand side? Of course it is.
The thing with having a big, bulbous green face is that you’re not easily forgotten, nor mistaken for anyone else.

I’d not be lying if I said that the Bourbon Clear is among my top one Norwegian registered Multi-Purpose Offshore Vessels. And I see the fact that it’s moored right next to the concert venue of the Bergenhus Festning as some sort of sign. But because I’m not superstitious, I’m only seeing it as a sign that the Bergenhus Festning is right next to a harbour. That’s all.

Because my most important reader is me, more will follow on our Bergen trip plans, building to a crescendo of excitement and anticipation that can only result in the best experience or the biggest let down ever.

But I’m thinking the former this time, please. Ok?

Oops, I did it again…

How long have you been reading 6000 miles…?

If it’s more than *weep* 6 years, then you may remember this post from Christmas 2009. It was when my amazing wife bought me amazing tickets for a-ha’s amazing last ever gig in Oslo.

There was much excitement. So. Much. Excitement.
I had almost a year to plan and anticipate my trip, I was going to meet friends and family on the way through. It was going to be amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling for 11 months. I even made a category on here for the whole thing.

But then… then this:

5230643297_8ce7b2ae10_bAnd this:


And the rest, as they say, is history.

Really, really expensive history.

But then, on a happier note, a-ha reformed, announcing one last album and one last tour.

It wouldn’t be like me to do something daft and use the a-ha fan club pre-sale link to buy tickets for their last ever gig in Bergen next May, would it?

Would it? Er… yes. It would.

Fullscreen capture 2015-12-08 123844 PM.bmp

Oh crap. Here we go again.

As impulse purchases go, it was ridiculously expensive and both wholly unthought-through (hence impulse) and yet somehow carefully considered (in that this concert will sell out and I can certainly pass the tickets on should I need to).

Accommodation is sorted too, thanks to a remarkable hotel flex deal meaning that I pay nothing til I get there and don’t have to decide whether to I want to stay until 1600 on the day I check in. 1.4km from the train station, 700m from the concert venue (including a ferry trip). And cheaper than a hotel in Cape Town. I know. You do the maths.

There are a few minor things to work out. Childcare, flights, trains, annual leave and a million other potential stumbling blocks.
But suddenly some bare bones, bare bones which I hadn’t even considered this morning, are in place.

And look, Google is chilled AF about the whole thing:

Fullscreen capture 2015-12-08 013054 PM.bmp

Or as the Norwegians would say “Weekend i Bergen”.
Ja. Let’s go play. Possibly. Maybe let’s tell my wife first though.