Magne on the final tour

a-ha dot com have interviewed Magne ahead of the closing leg of the band’s Cast In Steel tour. He had some interesting stuff to say:

What can fans expect from the spring live show? Will there be set list and/or arrangement changes?

“Yes, there are a lot of changes made since South America. After that leg, we took a look at what new things we felt worked well overall and which things worked less well and we have added some other new songs to the roster that we have never performed before.
Plus, we are working with some new people behind the scenes for a couple of surprise-events later down the line…” (he says secretively).

It’s reassuring that even with just the European Spring tour still to run on their final tour, they’re still taking the time to get feedback and to make changes and tweaks to the show to make it (even) better. Professionalism, ne?

Also, given the band’s 30+ year history, it’s amazing to hear that they are planning to play songs which they’ve never performed before. Colour me intrigued.

The first show of the final leg is in Ekaterinburg in Russia next Sunday. Maybe we’ll know a little more after that…

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