Oops, I did it again…

How long have you been reading 6000 miles…?

If it’s more than *weep* 6 years, then you may remember this post from Christmas 2009. It was when my amazing wife bought me amazing tickets for a-ha’s amazing last ever gig in Oslo.

There was much excitement. So. Much. Excitement.
I had almost a year to plan and anticipate my trip, I was going to meet friends and family on the way through. It was going to be amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling for 11 months. I even made a category on here for the whole thing.

But then… then this:

5230643297_8ce7b2ae10_bAnd this:


And the rest, as they say, is history.

Really, really expensive history.

But then, on a happier note, a-ha reformed, announcing one last album and one last tour.

It wouldn’t be like me to do something daft and use the a-ha fan club pre-sale link to buy tickets for their last ever gig in Bergen next May, would it?

Would it? Er… yes. It would.

Fullscreen capture 2015-12-08 123844 PM.bmp

Oh crap. Here we go again.

As impulse purchases go, it was ridiculously expensive and both wholly unthought-through (hence impulse) and yet somehow carefully considered (in that this concert will sell out and I can certainly pass the tickets on should I need to).

Accommodation is sorted too, thanks to a remarkable hotel flex deal meaning that I pay nothing til I get there and don’t have to decide whether to I want to stay until 1600 on the day I check in. 1.4km from the train station, 700m from the concert venue (including a ferry trip). And cheaper than a hotel in Cape Town. I know. You do the maths.

There are a few minor things to work out. Childcare, flights, trains, annual leave and a million other potential stumbling blocks.
But suddenly some bare bones, bare bones which I hadn’t even considered this morning, are in place.

And look, Google is chilled AF about the whole thing:

Fullscreen capture 2015-12-08 013054 PM.bmp

Or as the Norwegians would say “Weekend i Bergen”.
Ja. Let’s go play. Possibly. Maybe let’s tell my wife first though.

10 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again…

  1. I was there the first time, and I remember it vividly – I was so gutted for you!! I certainly hope it’s a better outcome this time!! PS. Now you’ve got me thinking about tickets – damn you!! 😀

  2. Ms Hansen > If it can work, I will make it work.
    Don’t hang around on your thinking, hey? They won’t hang around. Someone told me that 50 quid a ticket was really good value.

    Dr F > Well, not in Norway, I hope, no. But maybe a bit in SA.

  3. Haha! I knew you’d throw my words back at me! At least I don’t have the long haul flight to pay for! 😉

  4. As I recall, it wasn’t Norweigan snow (or God’s own) that was the problem. Best to stay clear of Gatwick, just to be sure?

  5. Dr F > Snow, rain, a light breeze, a bit of cloud, beautiful blue skies. It doesn’t matter. Always stay clear of Gatwick, for it is a horrid place.

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