“meanwhile, back at work…”

It’s been an exhausting weekend featuring several (or more) tasks, including (but not limited to) shed building, bowl painting, pool mending and failing to buy paint.

Long story.

It’s the 6th though, and that means that a-ha are playing in Russia this evening, and if you thought that my flat-pack plastic shed was an ordeal (it wasn’t actually that bad, although the correct instruction booklet would have helped a lot), then you should be a roadie on the Cast In Steel tour.


This is from Magne’s Instagram, titled: “meanwhile, back at work #hellorussia“.

Can you imagine the scenario?

“Can you pass me the 15″ spanner please, Bob?”
“Sure – where is it?”
“It’s in the black box.”
“Er… which one?”
“The one with wheels and a lid – you can’t miss it.”

And once all of that is out and set up, and the Ekaterinburg show is done tonight, it’s got to be all taken back down again, transported 944km to Kazan and all set up again for Tuesday evening’s performance there.

I hope they’ve found the spanner by then.

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