Bergen & Bourbon

The planning for Cast In Steel 2016 is now well under way. No-one is more amazed than me that it actually seems to be happening, but hotels are booked, flights are being booked and hopes are being cautiously raised. Very cautiously. We all remember what happened last time.

I’m no expert on Norway, so it’s a steep learning curve for me. But Bergen, our home for a few nights, looks ridiculously beautiful. Here’s a shot of the harbour area (and our hotel) (along with a lot of other buildings) from their tourist people:


All so very pretty, but all so unfamiliar to me. Well, almost all unfamiliar, anyway. Because, hang on a sec, isn’t that our old friend (we met once on Quay 6 at the V&A Waterfront) Bourbon Clear, about halfway down that right hand side? Of course it is.
The thing with having a big, bulbous green face is that you’re not easily forgotten, nor mistaken for anyone else.

I’d not be lying if I said that the Bourbon Clear is among my top one Norwegian registered Multi-Purpose Offshore Vessels. And I see the fact that it’s moored right next to the concert venue of the Bergenhus Festning as some sort of sign. But because I’m not superstitious, I’m only seeing it as a sign that the Bergenhus Festning is right next to a harbour. That’s all.

Because my most important reader is me, more will follow on our Bergen trip plans, building to a crescendo of excitement and anticipation that can only result in the best experience or the biggest let down ever.

But I’m thinking the former this time, please. Ok?

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