Day 596 – There will be some announcements…

…coming out very soon, that you don’t want to miss out on!


I’m very much here for yet another wholly unexpected album from my favourite Norwegian trio. Every time they do something new, I count it as a bonus.

And no, I’m not suggesting that you sign up for updates too – my infectious excitement is surely more than enough for the both of us – but look, if you want to, the details are all there.

Day 471 – Caught in the act

I spotted this online the other day, and – well – I just think it’s simple and clever. And therefore funny.

It also shows that even 36 (weep) years on, that iconic video has stood the test of time well enough that with just a neat bit of drawing by the artist, the face of the illicit partner is instantly recognisable.

Yes, this is a niche cartoon (and I do wonder what suddenly prompted Joe Lennon to produce it), but I suspect that many people will completely understand it.

Day 330 – Quota cover

Step forward Emily Linge, the 12 or 13 year old singer who apparently wowed audiences on a UK TV singing competition last year.

Lovely mature voice, if a little over-produced, and the song a little too slow for my liking, but it’s a-ha so it’s still good. And she’s 12 or 13, so it’s actually pretty impressive.

Here’s the original, shared on this blog just several (or more) years ago.

I’m knackered. Can’t keep up this unpacking, sorting out, mending pace.
Might take a break tomorrow.

Day 279 – Braai Grid

How about this, then?

(mince pie for scale)

This was a Christmas gift from my wife: several kilos of 5mm steel to put in my Weber and cook things on. This will be especially useful in the near future, as our new place doesn’t have a built-in braai (yet). And no, it’s not something that the band offer as official merch on their site, so I’m guessing that it’s probably unique.

It’s led to me wondering if they ever released any appropriate songs for this sort of thing, and of course, yes they did:

Braaiing In The Rain
I’ve Been Losing (Barbeq)You
Braai Wolf
Hunting Braai And Low

And of course, their huge hit with instructions on how to use this hefty item:

Steak On Me

I’m so very sorry.