Day 296 – Not 100%

Yesterday was a bit of a write-off. I’m still not sure what happened, but I came down with “something”. This was rather worrying because we’re in a situation at the moment where we’re trying very hard not to come down with one particular thing, and the spin-off from that is that we shouldn’t really be coming down with anything else either.

Incidentally, it has been working as well: I haven’t been “sick” for close on two years now. So yesterday was a bit of a downer.

Given the symptoms, I narrowed it down to four possible causes, one of which was obviously you-know-what (because that has to be considered in everything we do at the moment). The others involved having consumed a dodgy garage pie (which I hadn’t), a severe lack of sleep (which I had suffered with the previous night), or a delayed reaction to the excessive heat on Wednesday (it was still 52.5°C in the sun at 6pm), which I actually thought I had handled quite well at the time.

Thing is, it could have been any one of those four, any combination of those four or something completely different.

Medicine is hard, hey?

Anyway, having felt crappy for most of the day, we postponed, cancelled, delayed our braai plans, I loaded myself with drugs and had an early night. I’m happy to report that I seem to be mostly mended this morning, which at least seems to rule out the most concerning option on my makeshift list and proves that the human body – yes, even this one – is a wonderous thing.

Onward and upward. With plenty more handwashing.

Day 295 – Postponed, Cancelled, Delayed

I’m looking at my desktop today and it’s a pretty miserable sight.

School reopening has been delayed until (at least) February 15th. Our two were due to go back on Monday. That’s clearly not happening now. Whether we (as a private school) will be allowed to work online in the intervening period remains to be seen. My boy had 16 months before his exams. Now he has 15. That’s more than 6% of his learning time gone already before he’s even started and that’s assuming that we’re able to stick to that 15th February date and that there are no further problems during 2021 (ha!).

I completely understand the delay – and I support it – but what I don’t agree with is the alleged reasoning behind it:

That will be 2½ months they will have had to “assess readiness”. I understand that the situation is fluid, and I understand that teachers need a break after last year, but is there really nothing that they could do to prepare a little more in the interim?

And then, an email from the school – before all this morning’s announcements – confirmed what we already knew: my son’s school camp has been postponed. This is on top of two scout camps being cancelled over the summer break, and his school tour – a real highlight in his educational journey – being chalked off at the end of last year.
Again, I get it, but I feel for him and his classmates: it’s just really crap.

Emirates have joined the party and suspended all flights in and out of SA for the next couple of weeks, due to “operational reasons”. I’m guess that this is a combination of not being allowed to fly in or out during curfew hours (currently 9pm-5am) and no-one wanting/needing to fly in or out anyway.

But they could just have said that.

Those who thought that 2021 might mark any sort of recovery in our fortunes*, were wrong.

I’m not even bothering to look at the calendar at all at the moment, because clearly, there’s going to be nothing that is currently on there which is going to remain in place. There will be no concerts, no gatherings, no festivals. I won’t be doing the Cycle Tour or the 2Oceans Ultra Marathon again this year. Even a social braai is going to be an ordeal.

Ugh. What a schlep.

I might go and write some online quizzes to cheer myself up and bamboozle friends and family.


* I was not one of these

Day 294 – The house strikes back

Episode V of the Star Wars trilogy.


No, this concerns the house from which we are moving in the near future (Covid-willing). It’s striking back – hence the title of this post.

I’m not for one moment suggesting that the house is a sentient thing, is aware that we are moving out, and – a bit pissed off about the whole situation – is taking some sort of preemptive revenge*, but at the same time, I actually am.

Because that’s pretty much exactly what is happening.

First off there’s the mandatory inspections for electric fence, plumbing, beetles, electrics and gas. This is like an MOT or a Roadworthy for your house, done each time you move, and it’s there to make sure that the new residents aren’t moving in to a death trap, even if you’ve been living in one.

And apparently, we have.

Because regulations have changed (a lot!) during our long stay here (almost 16 years), because some builders clearly took some shortcuts when working on our place (lesson learned), and because wiring deteriorates, our house doesn’t comply in a number of ways, all of which require remediation.


On the plus side, I completely recognise the need for this and we’re also going to be moving into a house which has also been inspected and made safe.

But that’s (expensive, but) standard stuff. It’s the little niggles that the house has thrown up since it discovered that we were leaving it that are causing us more problems. A jammed outside door, a gas hob plate that’s suddenly not working (and even after being fixed twice, still insists on not working) and a lawn that is defying the fertilisers and the watering and just being yellow. Oh, and then the hosepipe just burst on me**, which wasn’t actually that bad since it’s stupid degrees Celsius out there today, but still – you get my point, right?

We have another few weeks to get through here before the new house – irritated that we were instrumental in taking away its previous and much-beloved owners – takes on the mantle.



* is this a thing? wouldn’t it just be “venge”?
** no, I wasn’t watering during the day. conciliate your breasts.

Day 292 – What advice would the vicar give to Jeremy?

I’d love to blog, but I’m still laughing at two things:

Firstly, this tweet: (it’s screenshotted below in case you can’t see it for some reason)

(And that was only half of it!)

…and secondly, the oUtRaGeD replies to it.

I have loads of advice that I’d love to give Jezza and his disciples, but this is a family blog, so I can’t share that here.