A winner

A good afternoon or at the newly refurbished and revamped Kenilworth Racecourse, including a win for everyone’s favourite horse* in his biggest race yet.

Many jubilant scenes in the sunshine in the new Winner’s Circle. You may even spot someone you know in there.

* especially those who placed bets on him. (It me!)

Lion around

Absolutely no need for that pun. Gym and singing exam both went well, thanks for asking.
I’m watching a bit of Liverpool and Manchester City before we head out for a braai at a friends’ place.

So here’s a quota lion from last year on the Garden Route.

This one was so close to the safari vehicle that she didn’t even fit on the frame of the not ever so powerful lens that I was using. She could have just leapt in and eaten any one of us.

I – very sensibly – positioned myself just behind my daughter at this point. Just so I could get a better angle on the passing animals. No other reason.

It’s been a long one

Exhausting day. And yet I seem to have achieved very little. Or at least nothing big. Does that make sense? Stage 6 loadshedding (despite him saying this). A bit of wasted afternoon. All rather frustrating.

On the plus side, it ended with some very decent Frankie Fenner (no relation (I don’t think, at least)) lamb burgers over the coals, partnered beautifully by some quickly homemade mint sauce.

Tomorrow: gym, singing exam (not me), football (watching), braai (not me again).

And hopefully still time for a better blog post, more jobs and less frustration.

Not now, mystery outbreak of respiratory illness in China

Lol. It only seems like 4 years ago, we were talking about a mystery outbreak of respiratory illness in China that was alarming the World Health Organisation. And now look at this:

Yep. And if you look back at November 2019, we all thought that we were living in a pretty hectic, messed up world. And we were right.

But wow. Little did we know about what was to come. Suddenly, November 2019 looks a very attractive option destination for my time machine settings. Well, at least compared with November 2023.

But now is not the time to be adding issues to our already overworked, overstressed and overtired lives. So please, China: take your mystery outbreak of respiratory illness and sort it out quickly and efficiently (no! god no! not like that!) so that we can get on with prepping for economic disaster, pre-election violence and the seemingly inevitable outbreak of World War 3.

Happy days!

It’s been a busy afternoon

Gym, a bit of shopping, pick the kid up from school, then…

Phew. Matt really is a bit of a slave driver. I mean, it’s all going well, but there are a lot more devils to be cast out than I had imagined. I might have to come back to that bit tomorrow.

Who would have guessed?

Anyway, now I’ve washed my hands (really well – those lepers… eish!) and now I’m going to start on making some dinner.