Day 180 – Covid stuff

I’ve been hard at work all day and I’m likely to be hard at work until I go to bed, so here are a couple of Covid-related things I have found recently.

First off, this image, which describes the mentality of each of these four groups of people perfectly. I mean, there are other terms that you could also use for three of them, but I think that this approach works nicely for a family-friendly blog post.

And then, rather more seriously, this thread which I spotted on Twitter and has loads of information on the latest scientific research and discoveries about you know what and especially how it gets around.

Lots of practical advice in there.
Go and have a read.

Day 179 – View

The weekend away was a massive success. Fun, friendship, general foolishness and a frightening amount of drinking. And while we kept ourselves to ourselves for the most part, when we did go out and about we were sensible, respectful and cognisant of the current situation. We also went some way to supporting the local economy of this small farming community in the Western Cape by buying all of the wood that they could provide.

All of it.

The place we stayed at was close enough to civilisation to be convenient, but remote enough that we didn’t have to restrain ourselves too much.

And there was this view when we arrived as well:

Rubbish composition because there was only a tiny balcony to get the shot from. Sorry.

If this sort of geological feature was in the UK, it would have a name and everyone would know it. But the best description I can find of this is the edge of the Koue Bokkeveld (the “cold buck shrubland”). I think it deserves more.

The scenery around the place was all pretty amazing though, and I’m hopeful that I can get the family out there to have a visit at some point in the near future.

Day 178 – One more album

Having enjoyed The Universal Want from Doves since it came out last week, I’m now already really looking forward to Future Islands new album As Long As You Are, due out on the ninth of next month.

Just look at the passion in this performance. Incredible.

And suddenly there are four contenders for the top three spots in theĀ 6000 miles… Album of the Year. To be fair, I’d love it if there were a few more too. Considering the disaster that 2020 has been, the music has been pretty good.

Well, it’s not like the musicians had anything else to do…

Day 177 – Trippin’

I’ve headed off North East (I can’t really go very far South West from here anyway) where I am staying on a farm near the Foot of the Mountain. The family and the beagle are at home looking after each other, and I’m sure they’ll miss me but I fully plan to come back soon.

I’m writing this from home because as ever, I’m not sure what the coverage will be like out there (Vodacom says 4G, but Vodacom isn’t always as truthful as it could be), so this is one of a few pre-written posts on here just in case. Maybe I’ll add to them, maybe I won’t (I actually have no idea).

We’re away celebrating the birthday of a friend, and all sorts of (Covid-safe) activities have been planned, so look out on Instagram for those. And look out for incoming drone photos as well, now that Florence has a fixed eye.

If you’re reading this, I’m already part way through a blogging free weekend so I guess that I’ll see you on the other side.

Day 176 – Tracked

I’m going away this weekend and you know that because I’ve just told you, but apparently, the government will know that because I have the Covid tracker app on my phone.


(some of) the nation cried.

“They want to track our every move.
They want to know where we go, what we do, who we meet, when we poo.

Wow. How utterly dramatic and ridiculous and desperate.
(I’m talking about the people, not the government.)

Yep. Because if the government really wanted to stalk you, they’d probably just look at the data from your registered SIM card. So I guess that the fact that you haven’t been spirited away by clandestine extrajudicial forces just yet can only mean one of two things. Either they’re not actually tracking you after all, or they are tracking you but you’re so f____g dull and unimportant that they actually don’t give a toss what you do or where you go.

But there are other options for the SA spies and the CIA and Mossad and MI5.

Maybe they could look at your Instagram with the pictures of your car and your daughter all over it.
Maybe they could wander onto your Facebook or your Youtube or your Twitter profiles and extract information from there.
What about your licenced car(s)? Your firearm? Your ID book? Your driving licence? Your house insurance? Your GPS tracker on your vehicle?
What about your municipal rates bills? Your bank accounts? Your medical aid?

All that valuable – and often public – information about you, your life and your family so readily available, and yet there you are still living free and easy, almost as if the government doesn’t actually give a flying f__k what you’re doing.

But yeah, sure: they’re going use the information from the bluetooth on your phone to find you when you’re planning a coup d’etat going to Pick n Pay or playing with your kid in the local park, and fling you into Pollsmoor.