Last minute rush

I’m going away for a while. Posts will continue on here, as they always do when I go away for a while.
I would hate to leave you hanging.

In the meantime, normal (work) life continues without me. And it goes a little something like this:


I’m just at that first red peak, descending happily into the yellow zone at the moment.

Which explains why this post is so very brief.

Monday morning

The first day back after the long weekend, and the first day of an almost full week. Finally!
The kids were looking forward to school and I had a definite spring of productivity in my step as I headed into work. Even the traffic wasn’t too bad.

But that was then.

Now – two failed laptops, a broken centrifuge, a promised delivery that hasn’t been delivered, Afrihost’s DSL authentication issue and a kettle that needed a(nother) punch to get it working,  later – any remaining glimmer of positivity has been firmly extinguished. It’s not even ten o’clock and I’m effectively functionally stranded as everything around me falls to pieces.

This obviously isn’t your problem, and I very much doubt you even want to hear about it, but paradoxically, with so much to do, I need a few minutes away from everything just to get my head together. And I need to stay away from equipment and stuff before anything else breaks.

*deep breath*

Right. And now, with a clearer mind, it’s once more unto the breach (although I’d still much rather once more onto the beach).
Have a special day.


Women’s Day here in SA today and thus a public holiday, but I find myself hard at work in the lab. TB shows no respect for human public holidays and insists on growing and requiring care and attention. The plan is to get through the tasks in hand and then join the rest of the family wherever they are for some fun in the sun, ahead of the epic storm forecast for the weekend.

Not to delay those precious dry family moments then, herewith the new one from the Killers. Another band that haven’t changed their style at all, which is great because it was just fine as it was. Runaways comes ahead of their new album next month and – hopefully – another tour including somewhere in SA with some parking.