Back II Life

And so, as was mentioned yesterday, Cape Town is slowly getting back into the swing of things. As with everything Capetonian, it’s a glacially slow process, and while managers will be encouraging their charges to hit the ground running, deep down, they’ll be well aware that it will basically be February before anyone here is up to speed.
This process will in no way be assisted today by the dichotomous circumstances of the rain (currently washing most of Cape Agulhas off my car) and day 4 of the SA v West Indies test match at Newlands.

And so a little Soul II Soul is called for to ease us back into this working life. Remember back in 1989 when this won the (somewhat niche) Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals? No. Me neither. But “Back to life, back to reality” very much sums up the sad situation we find ourselves in this morning.

If you are back to work today, stay strong. It’s only 345 days until December 16th 2015. And one or two of them are public holidays.

Monday morning

The first day back after the long weekend, and the first day of an almost full week. Finally!
The kids were looking forward to school and I had a definite spring of productivity in my step as I headed into work. Even the traffic wasn’t too bad.

But that was then.

Now – two failed laptops, a broken centrifuge, a promised delivery that hasn’t been delivered, Afrihost’s DSL authentication issue and a kettle that needed a(nother) punch to get it working,  later – any remaining glimmer of positivity has been firmly extinguished. It’s not even ten o’clock and I’m effectively functionally stranded as everything around me falls to pieces.

This obviously isn’t your problem, and I very much doubt you even want to hear about it, but paradoxically, with so much to do, I need a few minutes away from everything just to get my head together. And I need to stay away from equipment and stuff before anything else breaks.

*deep breath*

Right. And now, with a clearer mind, it’s once more unto the breach (although I’d still much rather once more onto the beach).
Have a special day.