Petty Peter

I don’t have a problem with anyone being religious. Just because I’m not, doesn’t mean that you can’t be.
But people like this really do give the religious (in this case, Christian, but it takes all sorts) community a bad rap:

Perhaps actually at Easter and not 10 days beforehand, Peter?

And this pathetic complaint will almost certainly be because he has seen a “Have a great Ramadan” poster at a store somewhere and is jealous of the attention that Islam is getting.

Get a life, Peter. And have a happy Easter.

More dairy issues

After yesterday’s Malan’s Dairy post, here’s another dairy issue.
This time it’s at Woolworths.


And they’re not even kidd… they’re not even joking.

When it comes to cattle, this isn’t a problem. Consumer comes before calf. It’s the natural order of things. But when it comes to goats’s, it seems that the kids are alright. Their need is greater than yours – and it’s a well known fact that baby goats are fully dependent on a reliable supply of Chevre.

Damn this nanny state.

Fortunately, as the notice suggests, once September comes, the shelves will once again by laden with goats’s’s milk products. Until then, you’re going to have to just go all mainstream and bovine, hipster folk.

It’s all about 6000

Incoming email from Woolworths and their MySchool programme. And I feature highly:

We’re sharing the love even more this month and making a difference.
We’ve partnered with the 94.5 KFM and Radio Highveld Ground Patrol Team to give 6000 needy school kids in Cape Town and Johannesburg nutritious lunches, plus we helped these 10 schools with a donation of library books and much-needed stationery.
Through your support we’re making a difference.

And then, on top of that (not literally), this:

It’s a fact: one unsterilised female dog and her offspring can give rise to 67 000 dogs in 6 years.
But in the last 6 years at African Tails, the opposite has happened: MySchool funds have helped sterilise a whopping 6000 animals (mostly dogs, and some cats)!

You can read more about that second story here.

I’m no huge fan of Woolworths (we’ve crossed swords on more than one occasion), but I don’t see why people don’t get MySchool cards. There’s absolutely no extra cost to the customer, there are discounts on items in store and part of your spend goes towards a good cause, like those above.

You can apply online here. Go do it and help out another 6000 needy individuals.

Back to school, and Dads still don’t care

South African children went back to school today, and Woolworths were quick to send out an email including some great ideas for lunchbox snacks:

lbsDid you get that? Yep – “moms will love them too”. Not dads though. Oh no. Dads want their kids to get as many added preservatives and artificial flavours down them as possible, because… because… well, I don’t know why any dad would want that, actually. 

Perhaps we should ask Woolies.

Because we’ve been here before with Woolworths, haven’t we? But evidently, old habits die hard and Dads just don’t count, even if they’re the ones making the packed lunches each day.

FFS. This isn’t the 1950s anymore. It’s 2014. Get enlightened. Don’t you think it’s about time we stopped stereotyping and used the term “parents” when it comes to those individuals charged with the responsibility of looking after children, instead of continually making the assumption that it’s just mom’s domain – an assumption that’s insulting to both moms and dads.

UPDATE: A tweet from Woolies:

Which is nice.

Woolies Bunny Help

WE DID IT!  🙂 #Rabbit4Nic

Friday: We have a bunny!

Latest news 1500: OK, so I’ve been on Cape Talk 567 and on Talk 702 in Joburg today. In addition, Nic’s Mum, Barbara, has been on 567 as well (with Nic, nogal!) and has given an interview to the Cape Argus. Wow.

The latest news is that we have 2 potential rabbits, but neither one is completely identical to Nic’s rabbit. Nevertheless, I am so grateful for those people who have supplied them. I’m picking up one in Cape Town later this evening and another is coming down from Pretoria tomorrow. This is great news, but we are still looking for that exact match.

As for the idea of getting other rabbits and soft toys to kids in hospitals, I think it’s a fantastic plan and I will certainly be looking into doing that once we’ve got Nic’s rabbit. We’ll keep you updated on that as well.


No joke here – I need you to help me find a rabbit for a sick (but recovering) little boy – the son of some friends of mine.

Here’s the rabbit:

And here’s his Dad with the details (via Facebook):

Sorry to post this again but apparently it isn’t sharing….
Nic is going for his Radiated Iodine therapy very soon and will be in isolation for up to 3 days , after which his PJ’s and bedding will be incinerated. He will feel better with Rabbit (pictured) but unfortunately he will be incinerated too! We are desperately trying to find the same rabbit to act as a body double! He was bought at Woolies about 10 years ago. If anybody has one like this , I will happily buy it from you! please let me know…..we know Nic is always brave with his team mate!

Do you have an identical  bunny? Can you help Nic and his family out? This will be Nic’s only companion during his isolation – it could make a very big difference in a pretty unpleasant treatment.

Please RT and/or share this post with colleagues, friends, family. The more people who see the picture and read the story, the more chance we have of finding a stunt double bunny. And get in touch with me if you can help out. We will organise getting Nic and the bunny together.

Let’s do this!

UPDATE: Thanks for the amazing response. Utterly blown away, as is Nic’s Mum who I’ve just spoken to. Long chat, but here’s the line which flattened me:

“I am amazed at the courage of my child. He has taken everything – everything – in his stride, but the thought of losing his rabbit has been the only thing that has rocked him.”

It was given to Nic’s mum by her sister when she was pregnant with Nic and has been in his cot and bed since he was a baby. He’s now 9 years old and “Bunny” – who is now called “Rabbit”, because “Bunny” is a baby word – has been a constant companion.

We need to find a bunny!

GOT BUNNY? Contact 6000 NOW!