Not an ad. Although if Woolies want to pay me in cash or kind, I’m not going to say no.

Woolies do a lot of nice products, but with good quality comes a higher price tag. That said, many of their products are worth it (e.g. their Clemengold nadorcotts): they’re nicer, they last better and they look smart on your shelf/in your fridge/atop your Karel Boyz fruit bowl when fancy-pants people come round for drinkiepoos.

And then came this – definitely the best non-citrus product that they have ever sold:

I had to rotate the image so that it wasn’t long and tall and annoying on the post, but now look at the cod. He’s the right way up, but his Linnaean name isn’t. It’s those sort of little details that prove you’re getting a genuine Woolies product and not some inferior knock off. Always check the cod and the cod name.

And any inferior knock off would be inferior too, because this is SO GOOD. It’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s very tasty, it’s (quite) healthy, and – because you need so little – pretty good value at R79.99 as well. Made in Norway – almost certainly from Fjord cods – this is definitely worth dropping into your basket on the 26th.

Lob it on a cracker, pop it on some fresh brown bread or just smear it on the kitchen wall and have some fun while you’re home alone: it doesn’t matter how you eat it. It’s just great.

6000 recommends.