I tried so hard

And got so far.

But in the end it doesn’t even matter.

I’ve failed to get my tasks done today. All was going “ok” until about 3pm, when this thing suddenly hit me, like an Eben tackle.

Is it a virus? Is it too much sun? Is it as a result of utilising bipolar, wax-based methods of illumination over the last week?

(Because I have.)


But everything hurts and my temperature homeostasis has fallen completely apart: flinging itself wildly between shaking because I’m too cold and… er… shaking because I’m too hot.

Please contact your chosen Deity soonest, and get Him/Her/Them/It to sort this out.

Thanks in advance.

Frustrated and flat

Just no energy today. Spent the day in bed, sleeping most of it.
Is it that? I don’t know. Maybe. There’s a lot of it about.
Many drugs for generic viral symptoms:
Achy joints. Watery, blurry eyes. Cold. Sniffly. Scratchy throat. Zero energy.

Frustrated at now missing two days of exercise, and also missing what will surely be a fine party this evening.

Hoping for better tomorrow, at least on the health front. The party will be gone.

Day 482 – Good bits and bad bits

This crappy sickness continues to blight me. But maybe there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

At three o’clock this morning (my internal clock is completely buggered), I was ready to take on the world. By seven, it felt like I had, and had lost – heavily. Now it’s half past ten and I’m in another good bit: less aching, less coughing – generally OK. But I have zero energy. I literally can’t walk more than a few metres.

Probably need to get a test, just so we know what we’re dealing with – it feels like influenza to me but somehow worse – but I have no idea how I could even get to the top of the stairs, let alone to a car and to a testing station.

Propping myself up with Lucozade and Myprodol. Apologies for any spelling errors. It’s all a bit blurry.

Day 480 – ill

I’m in the spare room.

Went to get our vaccines today and during a crappy 4½ hours, I got quite sick.

So yes, jab is the good bit.
Bad bit: Shaky, dizzy, shivering, cold, aching joints, no energy, cough, complete lack of temperature regulation. All of which developed during the day.

I know what this sounds like. Really hoping it’s not that.

I certainly wouldn’t have gone out if I had felt this way this morning.

I can smell.

See you tomorrow. Probably.

Thoughts and prayers, please.