Boxes ticked

Wait – could this be a timelapse [tick] video of an Emirates [tick] A380 [tick] being repainted?

Yep, and obviously, as with every A380-related thing, it comes with some ridiculous stats:

Seven coats of paint weighing 1,100 kilograms were applied on ‘Echo Delta Delta’, covering an area of 3,076 square meters. The entire exterior of the A380 including the fuselage, wings, engines as well as vertical and horizontal stabilizers received a makeover. The paint coats on the fuselage comprised of one layer each of a primer and sealer, followed by three coats of Brilliant White, which is the custom Emirates color, and then two layers of clear coat and decorative paints for the Emirates insignia and logo.

There’s a full description of the process here.

Heathrow Timelapse

This, spotted on twitter, is lovely.

User @BT77W works in the ATC tower at the airport and describes himself as a:

Professional aluminium tubing export/importer

And hey, you should see his garage. Wow.

Sheffield Timelapse

Seeing as we’re here, I thought I’d share this local timelapse, complete with dramatic music and dramatic local scenery:

This was made up of about 12,000 photos, shot over 7 months – and then some sterling work in the studio, methinks.

I mentioned here that I felt that the city was struggling a bit, but this visit has given me a more positive view of the place again, and for that I’m thankful. The heart of the city and the warmth of the people has become evident once more and there is redevelopment aplenty. The weather though – that still needs some work. It’s not quite right for “summer”.

What with one thing or another, I haven’t managed to get too many photos taken. What I do have will be flung up onto Flickr before the end of the week though. Probably.
Watch this space.

IOM timelapse

It seems like only yesterday we were enjoying Brook Wassall’s work, and there’s some more coming from him on here later this weekend. In the meantime, Brook has just released this timelapse video as a kind of goodbye to the Isle of Man.

Do click HD, Do go full screen.

[vimeo clip_id=”126379235″ width=”678″ height =”381″]

It’s a good choice of location, because Brook lives there and because, lest we forget, the Isle of Man has the largest concentration of dark skies sites in the British Isles.

Says Brook:

I started this project back in January 2014 to showcase the Isle of Man’s beautiful landscapes, as well as the lit up night sky. This is my first timelapse film and as a result everything has been a steep learning curve over the 16 months making it. I have spent countless hours researching and there were many reshoots and reprocessed clips before I got something I was really happy with, and somewhere around 5,000-10,000 photos must have been taken in the process.

Tomorrow I move to the UK to seek new adventures, therefore it meant a lot to me to finish this before I left, and so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thanks, Brook. I think I did. It’s pretty special.