Quote Ship n Sunset

Very short on time today, and with a family meal out this evening, there’s a real danger that this will be the day when I fail to blog for the first time in [a length of time I don’t have the time to calculate right now].


If ever there was a call for a quota photo, this can like to be it.


That there would be the Chinese Heavy Lifting Vessel Xiang Rui Kou, disappearing into the South Atlantic sunset.

And this would be me saying that’s quite enough shipping for this week, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Weekend pics

No puffadders this time, although there was a Cape Mole Rat (Georychus capensis) carcass on the beach near that puffaddery spot. Maybe it had been puffaddered…

Elsewhere in the pics, more startrails efforts (I still think I’m getting better, slowly), a beagle, some (or more) rainbow shots and a scorpion which got instagrammed.

And then this:


I’ve posted many Suiderstrand sunsets on Flickr and on here before, but up until now, absolutely none of them had featured the Heavy Lifting Vessel Xiang Rui Kou. I’m happy to say that this heinous omission has now been rectified. More of the Xiang Rui Kou on Flickr via the link below.
Oh – and it’s full of elephant photos too.

Here’s the link

Got it!

I’ve been after this photo for a while. And then, yesterday evening, as we headed down the dirt road from Agulhas to Suiderstrand, I finally got it.
It was one of those few moments that was worth halting the journey for, albeit that it was only for a few moments.

This is posted unadulterated and raw. No filters, no cropping. As it was. Lovely. Try it with the lights off for an even better view. That thing poking towards the bottom right hand corner of the sun is the forecastle mast of the wreck of the Meisho Maru 38, and on top of that is a cormorant, wings unfurled.
All planned, obviously. Obviously.

Sadly for you, I’ve been taking quite a few photographs since we’ve been down here, and you can look forward to them late tomorrow or on Monday.


It’s snake season, and we’ve seen a few down in Agulhas in the last couple of weeks. The one I saw this weekend was only a baby though, and with fishing net in hand (we were off to the beach), I did a quick catch and release.
Here’s the catch (as it were):


…which shows the colour and beautiful patterning along this little Puff Adder’s back.

And here’s the release bit.


I’d love to have got some proper close up shots, but even though this little guy was only ±30cm long, he could still pack a punch. Sometimes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Especially when you are 50km from the nearest hospital.

More weekend photos (from camera and phone) here.