Have yourself…

… A merry little Christmas.


We all thought that killing our birdlife was bad enough, but apparently the local wind turbines have other targets at Christmas time.
Caledon is likely to be strewn with reindeer parts tonight. Great for biltong.

And while we don’t all believe in the story of babies in mangers and gift-giving shepherds, whatever you’re doing over the next few days, I hope it’s enjoyable and relaxing.

(Thanks Tina for the image)


If you happen to be Father Christmas, and you’re looking for a grotto to meet children in, you couldn’t do much better than this:


This is Painshill in Surrey; a most amazing but bizarre place which I need to research some more when I get chance.

Photos courtesy of Mrs 6000’s Samsung S5, because I broke my phone but now it’s mended. “Proper”  pics to follow in due course.