I’ve been playing some catch up with editing photos. Not that they weren’t edited previously, but it’s always, always worth revisiting them with fresh eyes. I made so many changes to images that I already thought were just right. You can get so involved in fixing bits of the image that you lose (no pun intended here) the bigger picture. I found and corrected several examples of this.

One particular favourite image from the set was this one:

Five bracketed shots merged in Lightroom to ensure some semblance of decent exposure throughout. Bigger on black here. Picturesque.

There are at least one or two others which I really like from my recent expeditions, but they are part of a project I’m doing, and I’m not sure that it would be right to share them on here just yet (or maybe, in fact, ever).

The one above doesn’t have any such restrictions, as far as I’m concerned. Those mountains are fair game to anyone with a camera (or, in this case, a drone) and it’s really not my fault if they choose to be so very striking when I’m trying to take specific photos of specific stuff.

I mean, honestly, who could resist?

I spy

No, not Busisiwe Mkhwebane the new Public Protector with her allegedly questionable alleged links with the Chinese.

Something much cooler (although arguably less important for the well-being of the Republic of South Africa), this:


At first sight, it’s just a signpost in the Swiss mountains, with lots of tubes attached to it, and that’s because that’s exactly what it actually is.

But brilliantly, those tubes are so arranged, that when you spy through each of them, you see a different mountain.


Then look on the side of the tube in question, and you can see exactly which mountain you are looking at.

This makes mountain identification – previously rather tricky, one would imagine, looking at just how many tubes are attached that signpost – much, much easier.