Day 723 – A really good blog post

Driving down to Agulhas this morning, I had an idea for a really good blog post. One of those rare, engaging posts like this blog used to feature.

I knew I’d remember it, because it was really good and rare and engaging. So I didn’t feel that I had to make any sort of effort to create an aide-mémoire. Also, I was driving, so this might have been dangerous.

Safety first.

But then I forgot it. I forgot it because I’m old and tired and forgetful. So I’m sorry that you’re getting this instead of a really good, rare engaging post.

But on the plus side, I’m sitting by the braai, listening to some decent music, and drinking a good beer.

So at least I’m not losing out.

Day 228 – Concert memories, number update

Browsing some photos earlier.

This seems a long time ago now.

Do things from 9 months ago (because that’s when this was) seem to be further back to you guys as well? Is that one of the effects of lockdown and all that 2020 has thrown at us?

You’d think that with so few events this year, your mind would be able to remember the ones you did go to with astonishing ease and as if they were just yesterday. After all, what else has there been to fill up that bit of your memory? And yet no: I can hardly even remember last year at all and it was only last year.

Love Karl Oluf Wennerberg’s ethereal cameo here, by the way. Spooky.

And a quick update on the number project thing I told you about 11 days ago: I have so far taken precisely zero photos for it. Well, that’s a number, isn’t it? But all is not lost. I have scouted some lovely numbers and so once I do start, I will be into my first ten with no issue whatsoever.