Coles Corner

This, from Richard Hawley, just seems appropriate this morning.

Hold back the night from us
Cherish the light for us
Don’t let the shadows hold back the dawn

Cold city lights glowing
The traffic of life is flowing
Out over the rivers and on into dark

I’m going downtown where there’s music
I’m going where voices fill the air
Maybe there’s someone waiting for me
With a smile and a flower in her hair


Here’s a great photo of Emirates A6-EDW arriving at Manchester as EK17 yesterday – a flight I used several times last year. The A380 is such a loveable, huggable plane; full of soft curves. I’m posting this one with the flimsy excuse of it being for my son, who simply cannot get enough of them. The fact is, I quite like them too.


Not sure of the photographer, but I love the yellow landing lights framing the subject. Lovely.

And, should you want to feel nearer than you are, there’s a cropped close-up here. YOU CAN SEE THE PEOPLE IN THE LITTLE WINDOW ON THE FRONT! (Whatever the technical name for that is) (Windscreen? Like a car? Really?) OK then.

Meanwhile, in Manchester…

It’s been a good week for Manchester. City won the Premier League and it hasn’t rained every day. But there is a sinister underworld in Manchester which is exploiting the lower than average intelligence of people from… Manchester.


Greater Manchester Police are investigating a scam in which victims were conned into handing over hundreds of pounds for a bag of potatoes.

The story, which I spotted on BBC News, using the keywords “Manchester”, “Potato” and “Scam”, leaves us tantalisingly short on detail.

Police say at least four people have been approached by two men offering to sell them a laptop or iPhone.

One man paid up to £1,400 and walked away with a rucksack full of potatoes. Other victims received bottles of soft drinks.

Crime, and being a victim of crime, is a terrible thing. It’s in no way a thing to be ridiculed.

Except perhaps, when instead of getting an iPhone for his hard earned £1,400, the victim walks off with a rucksack full of potatoes. Which, it should be noted, would be equally good at displaying Flash content.

How can this have occurred? I can only imagine that there was some sort of hypnotism involved.

You are feeling sleepy…
You are feeling restful and sleepy…
When I click my fingers, you will awaken and believe that this rucksack full of potatoes is an iPhone worth £1,400.

And then, when they get home and the spell wears off, they have to go down to their local police station and report that they thought they were buying an iPhone, but actually, they ended up with a rucksack full of potatoes. And the police have got to keep a straight face. Jeez.

Still, it could be worse, I suppose. They could have ended up with a handful of Blackberry.