Here’s a great photo of Emirates A6-EDW arriving at Manchester as EK17 yesterday – a flight I used several times last year. The A380 is such a loveable, huggable plane; full of soft curves. I’m posting this one with the flimsy excuse of it being for my son, who simply cannot get enough of them. The fact is, I quite like them too.


Not sure of the photographer, but I love the yellow landing lights framing the subject. Lovely.

And, should you want to feel nearer than you are, there’s a cropped close-up here. YOU CAN SEE THE PEOPLE IN THE LITTLE WINDOW ON THE FRONT! (Whatever the technical name for that is) (Windscreen? Like a car? Really?) OK then.

2 thoughts on “380

  1. Nice pic. We shall be arriving at Manchester with Emirates on July 1st. Looking forward to that.

  2. Max Brinsmead > Only issue is that the plane is too big for the airport, so you end up right at the end of one of the piers. So then it’s a 4 mile trek to Passport Control!

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